Amazing Beat: Sync with the Beats

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Rhythm games have come to the forefront and then ebbed into the background from time to time. The iOS app Amazing Beat is one of the few apps that are here to stay and top the charts. It is a good way for music lovers to brush up their gaming skills.

To begin with, the soundtrack is simply wonderful. As is evident when you are given a set of five soundtracks to choose from, the developers have indeed spent time picking these brilliant ones. The collection is fabulous, featuring a combination of soft soothing music to electric music to house music to melodious music. When put together with a set of headphones, the music will almost make you forget your surroundings.

ama1The game is built around the five tracks that you choose between. With simple gameplay and superb music, the app is quite addictive. The concept of the game is a very basic one. From the top of your screen, a set of colored shapes will be dropped downwards in sets. As a player, all you have to do is to separate them unto the right side of your device screen. The blue squares go to the left and the pink circles go to the right side. You merely have to tap on the screen of your phone to divide the incoming shape into one of the two categories. To make the best of the game, it is advised to synchronize your taps with the beats of the music all along.

While getting started with the game sounds simple, the challenge is not only in getting started with the game but in mastering it. With simple controls, it takes almost no time to pick up the controls. The true task at hand is mastering the controls. You are not provided with any extras in terms of chances. Once you slip, the game is over right there. Then, you make a fresh start with a new score of zero.

ama2If you find the sound and music distracting, you can turn the volume down or switch it off. Nonetheless, the music does add an element of continuity to the game and helps you concentrate and relate better. As the music progresses, the shapes fall in faster and more in number. It is then that it becomes tricky to cope with the pace of the music and the game.

The layout and the interface of the app are simple yet functional. It has a sober, neat look and feel to it. All sort of complications in terms of lives, integration and the like have been avoided to make the app truly and entertaining one. Not much effort has been put into the design, keeping it simple and minimalistic. Once you begin the game, the urge to do better each time will leave you unable to put it down. While it might seem plain and boring at first, as the speed and challenge increases, so does the fun. If you are a lover of music and rhythm, then this game is just made for you.

Good: Simple controls and interface

Bad: Lacking a social aspect

Worth Having Application –  Download the App

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