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Who doesn’t like winning money? And by winning, I’m not talking about a $5 cheque that you find on the road by accident. I’m talking about big bucks which one can only expect in the accounts of Hollywood stars. But you don’t expect Bill Gates to run into you by mistake and give you a blank cheque for compensation. In fact, you can’t trust your luck. So if you have one last shot, it’s better to first find the right locker with so much cash inside that’s enough for a lifetime. So let’s go to a casino. After all, where would we find a better match to our quest than that place! But wait a minute! I said not to believe your luck and still I’m asking you to visit a place where your luck’s the player. Well, inside the casino I’m talking about, everybody is lucky!

omg1It’s the iOS app called OMG! Fortune Free Slots that I’m talking about. The app has been developed by LuckyFish Games and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 6.0 or any later version of the OS. This app has also been optimized for iPhone 5.

This app is like a hub of slots. There is Cleopatra Reels, Mad Birds, Diamonds Treasure, Wild Olympics and many more and they are enough for you to spend hours all day long. Every time you push the lever, a rush starts flowing in your body and you’re happy not because you’re winning, but just because you’re a part of this game. That’s the kind of impression that this game leaves on you. But even if you don’t win or lose some bets in a series, don’t lose your smile because there are so many free gifts waiting for you that you can’t afford to do so. Moreover, there are many bonus mini-games as well. The individuality of these animation games speaks for themselves. Normally, the bonus games are said to be toppings but here, it serves as an extra scoop of ice cream of a completely different flavour.

omg2This is true that I wouldn’t have appreciated this game so much hadn’t it been for the beautiful graphics they have on display. The slots are amazing and so are the bonus games. They’ve all been designed with a great degree of perfection. The colours are vibrant and there is so much detail that you can write a song in the praise of it. It’s like a flower blossoming onto your screen and spreads all over and so does the magic. Every time you’ll play the game, your memories will come alive of the first time you played it. You can call it the ‘magic city’.

So when such a game is in the store, why do you have your hands in the pockets? Oh, are you waiting for someone to raise the price tag so that you can decide whether you want it or not? If that’s the case, then let me raise it for you. It’s free! And there you go!

Pros: vibrant colours and beautiful graphics; free spins; exclusive bonus games; many different slots; free.

Cons: none.

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