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When you’re depressed, you don’t need a reason to hang yourself or gulp in sleeping pills that are more than sufficient to take your life. You’re always living on the edge; on a fine line between life and death. Though this is an extreme case that I’m talking about, but if you’re holding a broken rope to stay alive, you never know when the rope breaks or your hands slip and you fall off right into a place you can never come back from. There are many reasons for depression and it certainly is a disease that a doctor can help you to overcome. But nobody likes to visit a doctor especially a psychiatrist as we all think only if you’re mad that you’d consult such a doctor. So it’s better if you could find a home therapy to your problem and here we have it.

I am talking about the latest Android app called CBT Keeper that has been developed by Euthymic Labs. The app is compatible with all the devices running Android 4.0 or any later version of the OS.

cbt1CBT Keeper deals with your depression just like a doctor would do. In fact, the basic principle that this app is based on is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which is a medical treatment. So this app is like your doctor and you’ll have regular sessions with it and based upon your performance, you’ll get reward points as well. But this is not a game or a competition and the points are only for encouraging you to complete more and more goals. The sole purpose of this app is your ‘improvement’ and if you can achieve it, you’ve scored the goal.

cbt2As I told you about sessions, there are some goals that will be given to you on a regular basis. Each such goal will fetch you points depending upon its star rating and when you’re done with the previous ones, next ones will show up. When you complete an assessment, you’ll get a feedback score and it will tell you what stage of depression you’re going through. If your condition is really bad, you can also call the National Suicide Helpline (only for US) and you’ll certainly feel better. Moreover, you’ll be asked to submit cards which are your thoughts laying on a paper and they’re like your personal diary. But don’t worry as they won’t be shared with anyone. In fact, they’ll never be online and stay always on your device. So you can go as deep down yourself as you want and take out whatever’s hurting you inside.

cbt3The app is available for free in the Play Store. But there are some premium features like password protecting your journal entries so that no one else can read it from your phone. Moreover, the free version displays ads. So if you want an ad-free premium version, you can upgrade it via in-app purchases for $1.99. So download this app now and stay happy!

Pros: based on proven medical treatment of CBT; rewards for completing points; National Suicide Helpline Number (for US users only); mood assessment; free.

Cons: none.

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