WordHeist: Steal your way to the top

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Word games always sharpenyour mind and keep it active. However, it’s been a while since an innovative unique word game was seen in the market. WordHeist, an iOS app, is here to end that. It comes as the ultimate word game, only with a fun twist. As a warning, it tends to get very addictive.

wh1The basic idea of the game is a classic one. Tiles keep appearing and you have to make as many words of them as you can. The ticking clock adds to the pressure. To make the app stand out, the opponents you are playing against can steal your words if you do not be cautious of them. Additionally, there are extra points for stolen words. Its high time you stopped trusting people and began stealing from them for your own good.

The game has been implemented in the form of three game modes. Each mode helps you polish a certain aspect of your skills required to win the game ultimately. The modes are: turn based, live and practice.

wh2In the turn based mode, you can take your own sweet time to steal words. This mode helps you learn the skill of stealing words to a large extent. You are allowed to take on up to 3 players and test your stealing skills against theirs.

In the practice mode, you sharpen your word forming skills. It helps you think faster and with a wider mind-set to make the most number of words from a given set of tiles. Keep practicing with this mode until you think you have sharpened your mind enough. Get prepped up for the big leagues.

In the live mode, you combine the above two skills and see how well you fare stealing words when under the pressure of a ticking clock. Limited time helps you think faster and more efficiently so that you can make the most of what you have at hand. You are allowed to invite up to 3 players for a challenge and pitch your skills against theirs.

wh3Test your stealing skills against others. The app rate your skill using a variety of skill levels ranging from a Petty Thief at the Beginner Level to a Bank Robber at a slightly veteran level to a Master Thief as you get to the top level. At the end of each game, you can view your rank in comparison to your friends. This acts as incentive enough to help you climb to the top of the ladder. It’s a simple concept of tit for tat governed by the survival of the fittest.

For an overview, the game tests not only your vocabulary skills but also your reflexes. As you begin playing and meet more competitors, it won’t be long before you find yourself hooked to the game. If you want to get to the top, you have to do so at the cost of others. Trust no one and make use of all who you can. After all, victory is what matters at the end of the day.

Good: Skill levels, Different game modes

Bad: None

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