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Finding someone who believes in you and also in the things you do might almost seem impossible at times. So much so with the diversity in the human race.As much as it has been said that finding a soulmate is a dream come true, technology is not only bridging the gap between people but also between souls. If you are in search for your soulmate, then the iOS app DilemmaMatch developed by Bright Side of Life Computer Consultancy B. V. can help you out there.

dil1DilemmaMatch helps you find soulmates- people who think like you. If you are feeling left out among friends due to differences in opinion and thoughts, then this app will help you find some company. It helps you by connecting you with your soulmates through social media and more.

dil2As goes the adage- each person is different and unique. If you are new to a place and are unable to find people who believe the same things that you do or spend their time the way you do or think the way you do, it is but natural to feel secluded and left out. With DilemmaMatch, all you have to do is answer a set of dilemmas or create your own dilemmas and find people who look at life the way you do.

Finding soulmates with this app is extremely easy. There are 4 simple steps that you need to take:

  1. Login through your Facebook account
  2. Share your likes and interests on the app
  3. Answer dilemmas posted by others or create your own
  4. Find people who think like you

dil3Once you find people who are akin to you in opinions and thoughts, you can connect with them via Facebook. The app eliminates the need for a separate user login or any such hassles. The app compares your results and answers with those in its database and sifts out those who think like you and feel the same way as you about things. It has a unique matching algorithm that helps you find your true soulmates. Once this is done, you can directly connect via Facebook.

The dilemmas are not only merely restricted to questions. They can contain movies, images and much more, helping you find the right people. Interests have been classified under a wide range of categories, allowing you to answer appropriate dilemmas. You have to answer a minimum of 20 dilemmas for the app to start looking for soulmates for you. The interface is user friendly and has intuitive navigation. With a neat and classy design, and a well organised layout, the app designers indeed deserve a mention.

At present, there is a Promo version available for free in the App Store. This version includes all that the Premium version contains, but also has advertisements added. It is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad with iOS 7.0 or higher. If you are looking for someone who understands you and thinks the way you do, then DilemmaMatch makes this a lot simpler for you.

Good: Facebook integration

Bad: Adverts can be distracting

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