ROTO: A unique and challenging circular puzzle

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If you thought that excellent graphics are a basic necessity for an app to become popular, then you need to rethink. The iOS app ROTO is here to prove otherwise. With minimalistic graphics and presentation, this app is sure to blow your mind away and keep you engaged for long. It is an app based on smart design as opposed to flashiness and production value. Developed by WerakuGames, this app is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone, requiring iOS 6.0 or later versions.


ROTO is a brilliantly designed circular puzzle game. It is the journey of a small circle in a world full of big ones. There is one small circle that continually revolves on the periphery of bigger ones. There are more stars and circles spread out across the rest of the screen. Each time you tap on your screen, the small circle will jump. The exit point will decide where it will reach at the end of the jump. To give a bigger picture, you have to collect all the stars at each level and reach the final circle that has a flag.

As easy as it may sound, this is one of the most challenging and engaging games you will come across for the iOS. This is one of those games that you will want to keep coming back to and trying time and again. While the gameplay and concept are simple and it takes almost no time to get a hang of the controls, the hard part is to master these controls. You really will need to rack your brains in this one.

The fun and challenges are never ending. The game comes with over 80 unique levels, each of which will fascinate you with its unexpected twists and turns. Each level comes with more dangers such as rotating round saws in reciprocating motion and the like. Dodging these and landing safely in time to catch the stars requires a combination of skill and timing. If you touch one of these dangers, your game ends right there. To add to the fun, there are special kinds of circles as well. Some include orange circles which will push you back and grey circles which will fade away the moment you land on them. Watching out for these is the fun and challenging part.


The developers have indeed created the app with a goal to provide a good gaming experience to its users. With the use of the right combination of minimal art and colors, the user interface looks neat and fabulous indeed. Most of the background is in black and white, except for the stars, orange circles and a few more items. Overall, the app looks elegantly appealing and turns out to be more challenging than you would imagine. The simplicity of the user interface and the challenge of the game will leave you asking for more. The developers have indeed done a great job with the app, creating one that is here to revolutionize the way users look at apps.

Good: Simple design and controls

Bad: None

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