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Ai.type is a smart keyboard application that makes typing on smartphones and tablets as simple as anything. This application is designed to transform the messaging experience of the users with its intelligent features. The app assists the user to type better and faster without making mistakes by the way of learning his/her particular style of writing and offering the best writing assistance on every step. So, if you find typing on your smartphone or tablet really hectic, this smart tool is perfect for you. The application is designed to offer personalized and highly customized assistance and the user is provided with all the options to customize his/her keyboard as per his/her likings and needs. The program has bundles of features to make your typing task not only simple and less time consuming but also enjoyable. A glimpse of the unique features of the application is provided below.


  • The application offers extensive customization options. Users can design the layout of the keyboard, alter themes, fonts, colors and apply more than 800 emoji for expressing themselves in the way they want.
  • Apart from emoji, the app also includes features like prediction, completion, correction and swiping that can add a lot to your typing experience making smartphone chats even more enjoyable.
  • The latest 3.0 version of the application comes with Theme Market which offers thousands of themes to choose from. You can choose any of the free and attractive keyboard themes to suit your mood.
  • This application has taken personalization to the next level by the way of offering the option to design and share your own theme. You can easily design personalized themes with the simple tools of the app and share them with your friends by simply uploading them to your App Theme Market.
  • Emojis when used in the right way can make your words really expressive. The application automatically suggests Emojis for your text depending on the context of your writing and the words you use. The Emoji layout is scrollable which makes it simple to select an emoji manually.
  • This innovative application also includes on-keyboard search that helps in finding texts instantly.
  • The voice narration feature dictates the words as they are typed which can reduce the chance of error and help you write sentences that sound more perfect.
  • The size of the application varies depending on the device installed and it needs Android for running smoothly. The application is available in many languages.

ai2Summary: ai.type is a keyboard application designed with various premium features to facilitate typing on smartphones and tablets. This application offers high level of personalization and customization options to suit specific needs as well as choice of the users. Extremely user friendly features make this application a highly rated one in the Google app store.

Good: This application is really smart and can take away a lot of pain of typing on devices with smaller screen size. The full version of the application is available for 14 days free trial, so users can easily check the app before spending money on it.

Bad: There have been no bad reports about this application so far.

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