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AstroSecret has combined science of astrology with the latest advanced technology in order to provide women with accurate information about her unique and most favorable fertility days. The application is certified by professional astrologers and helps one to determine the best time to conceive apart from helping in tracking of monthly periods. For any women planning to conceive, AstroSecret is a must, because this can help in most favorable pregnancy planning.

ast1AstroSecret offers a unique and natural process of pregnancy planning considering the planetary position at your birth time and place and combines them with your natural menstrual cycle to predict the most favorable time for conceiving. Astrology can very accurately predict the most favorable period for all the actions of life, and with AstroSecret you can calculate potentially successful conception dates to enjoy the pleasure of having a baby. This application can also be very helpful for women who are not able to conceive without medical assistance. Some of the unique features of this app are highlighted below.


  • The app is designed to show favorable conception days considering the birth chart of the expected mother.It offers a yearly calendar to track the months and dates that are most favorable for you to conceive.
  • The application can also be used as a simple and effective menstrual cycle tracker. It displays regular fertility and ovulation calendar depending on the user inputs in the last 6 months. So, there is no scope to get puzzled with the calculations of your menstrual cycle anymore, AstroSecret is there to make it easy for you.
  • The application has an attractive and stylish front end and user friendly controls. It offers a number of personalization and customization options so that you can have a personalized report.
  • This program is even capable to predict the gender of the baby in advance depending on the date you pick from the most favorable days for conceiving, in your yearly calendar.
  • It also shows the potential baby’s horoscope at a glance. So, you can now plan your pregnancy at a time that is most probable to give the baby a perfect horoscopic advantage.
  • The current running version of the app is 1.0.2 and it requires Android 2.3.3 and higher versions to run smoothly. It is now available in English and takes only 3 MB space on the memory drive of your device.

Summary: AstroSecret is a very innovative app which is capable to predict the most favorable days for a women in a year for getting pregnant. It combines astrology and customizes it as per the specific menstrual cycle of the user, and depending on précised calculations it shows not only the best time for conceiving but also the most probable gender and horoscope of the baby, conceived on a particular favorable day. This app can also act as an effective period tracker for women, helping them in planning their life more easily.

Good: The app has extensive application in real life and can be really useful for the busy womenof today.

Bad: No bad reports about the application have yet been received.

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