Fliggles: Rack your brains and be the hero

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Who doesn’t like an occasional puzzle game that will help you exercise your mind and help you kill some time both. It is good to take up challenges and watch yourself conquer each one one at a time. If you are one among the many puzzle lovers, then it is time to step into Fliggleville. The iOS app Fliggles developed by Jeff Hester will test your grey cells and have them ticking.

f1The game concept is quite simple. There is one bubbly and adventurous hero who is looking to solve puzzles and rack his brains. At each level, there are musical notes that have been trapped. Your job is to rescue them and be the saviour of the music. By doing this, you can return a smile to the faces of all Fliggles in the land of Fliggleville. These smiles do not come easy though. You have to dive through the waters, navigate through caves and a lot more on your balloon. To make your task harder, there are many dangerous creatures and spikes who will be looking forth to bursting your balloon. It is very important to guard yourself against them and keep your dreams and balloon alive.

f3Fliggles has been designed for both the iPad, iPod Touch and the iPhone, requiring 161 MB of free space and iOS 7.0 or higher. It has been optimized for the iPhone 5. It is available for Free in the App Store in both English and Spanish at present. It has been rated 4+ by all users on the App Store as well.

This game is made for people of all ages and all tastes. There are many difficulty levels that make it suitable for just everyone. The challenge of the game is sure to keep you and everyone around you thinking. Besides challenging, it is a fun and creative family game for everyone. The game comes in the form of eight levels and four chapters all in all. The four chapters include machine, cave, mine and water- four unique elements of any game. Each level brings a new level of excitement and fun.

f2If you stay put by keeping your balloon safe and eating all the food available, then you can earn badges by collecting three glimmers at each level. To reach the end of the level, you have to collect all seven musical notes. This way, you add to the happiness in Fliggleville. To add to the challenge element, there is a ticking clock. Work against and beat your own best time records each time. If you manage to collect all the four shoes in a chapter, then there is more fun in store for you in the form of mini games. These will help you earn extra Fliggles. If you want to purchase more Fliggle coins, then there are in app purchases for the same. You can then use those coins to buy extra friends and Fliggles or to unlock new chapters. The main aim of the game is to face the many challenges thrown at you and save Fliggleville. Do you have what it takes?

Good: A lot of challenges in store

Bad: None

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