DiveBomb Chomp: An Easy Game for Quality Time

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There are times when you need a game that does not require much of thinking and keep you busy for a long time. While logic based games are available in the play store and they are quite popular, it is not easy to find a game with basic control and an easy game play. This requirement is fulfilled by DiveBomb Chomp, which is a basic game which can keep you engaged for a long time and keep you away from your worries. It is easy to learn the game but difficult to master as it is going to check your control and speed.

android_screen1DiveBomb Chomp, presented to you by Beau James Games, is a game where you get a chance to customize your character. You can add different colors to it and along with that can add accessories such as hat, weapons, glasses and more to it. You can create as many looks as you want and the game will look new every time. The mission in the game is to destroy the baddies or evils and get as healthy as possible. All you need to do is gobble up baddies that are smaller in size or just same in size as you and you will get bigger and bigger as you gobble more. Just remember to stay away from those who are bigger in size and look ugly. There are other features of the game that require mention.


  • DiveBomb Chomp is an easy to play android game with basic control and easy game play.
  • You can customize the character you have in the game.
  • You can not only change color but can also add several accessories to the character.
  • All you need to do is to gobble up buddies that will come in your ways.
  • You will start as a small one in the game and as you gobble buddies, you will increase in size and become healthier.
  • You shall keep in mind that you are only going to gobble up baddies that are smaller in size or equal to it. Don’t ever touch the baddies that are bigger than you.
  • You have to collect as many power ups in the game as possible.
  • The graphics of the game is cool. It is colorful and full of life.
  • There is a small tutorial in the beginning of the game which will make you learn the game better.
  • The background music is peppy but soothing which will keep you interested in the game for long.
  • There are 7 new characters to unlock in the game along with 21 accessories.
  • You will get 3 hearts to start with, once you touch a baddie bigger than you, one heart would be lost.
  • You can always check out your performance in the previous games.
  • It is an android game that is full of fun.

android_screen4Summary: DiveBomb Chomp is a easy to play android game where you will have to move on your path crushing the baddies on the way.

Good: The display of the game is quite cool and the music is soothing.

Bad: Ads are a bit annoying at times but you can remove them

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