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Smart Marketers helps you stay abreast with some of the latest trends in digital marketing. It is created by a team of digital marketing experts for the benefit of digital marketing experts. There are a lot of digital marketing magazine apps that can be accessed through mobile devices, but this one stands out for a number of reasons. Each new edition comes with fresh content, to help you succeed in your digital marketing career or business. Currently, this app is only available for those running iOS 5 and higher on iPads.



The app has a sleek design associated with magazines that can be downloaded on tablets. You can flip through the pages as you can do with a normal magazine. By tapping the bottom bar, you can instantly move to any page you want or the table of contents. Double tapping anywhere on the page allows you to zoom in and out. This is important if you find the standard text too small. Cover pages focus on a few key catchy themes inside the magazine. These are normally of featured articles, or entrepreneurs that are successfully using digital marketing to power their business to the next level. Organization of the major sections is the same for each edition. You have the “introduction”, with the feature article, news section, showing the latest trends in the industry, idea section, to stimulate your mind, article section, with mostly advice on carrying out digital marketing and the resource section which points to tools to help you.


Target Customers

It seems Smart Marketers target audience is that of small businesses, start-ups and one-man companies. This you can tell from the writing style of most articles as they are written in a friendly tone, with complicated theories simplified for easy understanding and quick application. Digital marketing enthusiasts and students who are not necessarily involved in the industry will also find the content interesting. Professionals working in large companies may also find some of the tips helpful, although it might require further work to make them applicable to their situation.

Key Themes

Digital marketing is still quite new and a number of people are still trying to figure how best to leverage this tool for business growth. Smart Marketers magazine taps into this need. It carries articles on popular digital marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Latest trends in effectively using social media are covered. Search Engine Optimization topics, with focus on strategies for content marketing, integration of SEO with Social media, tips on ranking higher on Google are often featured in the articles and news section. Perhaps the biggest pull card of this magazine, is its claim to know certain industry secrets which can reap results in a short time. You will want of course to take such claims with a grain of salt.

Pricing and Subscription

The free version offers a limited part of the magazine. You can subscribe for the full version for $8.99 a month. For a digital marketing magazine app, this price may be quite too steep, but considering the value you get in return, it’s a good investment.

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