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Surfing on the AppStore for another Email App I eventually came across the Inbox Mind. I have previously used some other apps however; they clearly did not meet my objectives: proper prioritizing and had no voice functions. Frankly speaking, I did not even read the description. Bright yellow color drew my attention. Inbox mind was a pleasant surprise. Free of charge and occupies only three Mb of the memory space. The app is compatible with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Hotmail, MSN and Outlook. I did not check whether it is compatible with Gmail. Install was a bit glitchy but after a refresh, the app works ok. Do not forget to upgrade your IPhone/IPad device to iOS 8.1 otherwise; you may experience difficulties launching the app.


The most impressive function is InboxRadio Smart Alerts function. Using it, you can listen to your inbox organized by priority! This is incredible! This function is extremely helpful while driving a car or riding a bicycle. Alternatively, you can just concentrate on your work not getting distracted by alerting buzz produced by other apps and just listen to the incoming emails. Hundreds of developers make emails apps but no one ever thought that it would be so comfortable not to push and scroll your monitor standing on a traffic light, but quietly listen to the incoming email as soon as it is arriving. Another amazing feature is that the app can read new incoming emails without interfering with my music app.

I wonder how this app learns prioritizing incoming emails by Very High, High, Low and Someday. I assume that information is somehow collected from email history, calendar and contacts. Just in no time all, my emails were prioritized in the way I usually do getting all the junk from coupon websites to the bottom and leaving only top priority emails.


Another feature that can be widely used is setting your own preferences. I do not use that, but I assume that there are much busier people involved in mission critical projects with hundreds of participants and they can input the keywords such as email address or a person name so that they don’t miss an important message when it comes into their email box.

As always, we care very little about our security and privacy trusting all the cloud services where our logins and passwords are stored and can be easily obtained by scammers once the system is hacked. Developer says that Inbox Mind encrypts the password and saves it locally on your device, which means that password is not transmitted to any third party. I am waiting for the app refresh and a feature of adding more email accounts, since I have three of them now. Given that it is the first version, app looks cool. Usability of the app is perfect- I am bad at learning how to create folders and redirect letters from one folder to another without disrupting the emails. It was very easy to configure my own smart views and alerts the way I want them to work.

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