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It is said that God gave us two hands, two legs, two ears, two eyes but only one heart so that we can find the other special one that completes us. Once done with studies or settled in with a job, your next goal would be to settle down in life. However, finding a life partner is not as easy as it sounds. Meeting a soul mate whom you wish to spend your entire life with, though hectic, can make your life much more comfortable. With the latest technology, you can now find your special someone using your iOS device. All you need is the SCORE- Free Dating Matchmaker For Singles app.


While there are many dating apps in the market, SCORE stands out among them all. When one looks for a match online, they have two major concerns- finding a sutiable match and safety of their personal data. This app scores in both aspects. The approach taken by this app is unique, different and effective indeed. It gives you a quiz with a predefined set of questions. At the same time, the same quiz is also given to a huge number of other people online. If your answers match those of another person greatly, then you are close to finding your match in them.


On the safety aspect, your profile is not openly visible. Only those who have a considerably high score match can view your profile. This way, you can be assured that only potential suitors who meet your requirements are sifted out and get to know you better. Also, the app allows you the convenience of choosing what data you wish to show and how accurate you want it to be. You may decide to be a bit vague about some details if you do not wish to disclose them. Also, a Facebook login is mandatory, which assures the authenticity of all people on the app.

To make the app fun and interactive, the quiz has been presented as a fun interesting game that you are sure to enjoy. The quizzes vary in the level of fun. While some are very intimate, others are fun and silly. You may also choose to discontinue or continue taking quizzes with a certain person. The formality and insecurity part is done away with and you can truly get to judge people for who they are.


Working with the app is quite simple. You get started with signing up with your Facebook account. Then, you are required to upload three pictures of yourself and enter a basic amount of information. Once this is done, you are ready to start taking quizzes with people. To select the right people, you can view their basic info, likes and interests. However, the names are hidden and photos blurred out. Making an informed decision about your life partner can indeed change your entire life. Take your own time, get to know people by taking quizzes and meet the right match with this iOS app. It is a must have for all singles who are looking for a life partner.

Good: Interesting approach to finding matches, high security

Bad: None

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