Xcite Mountain Bike : Toughest Ride!

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Well if you an esteemed game lover, but for some reasons you are tired of having to run the race by yourself without any mechanical means whatsoever, then this is going to be very encouraging and attractive to you. Thank goodness to the amazing and brilliance of WerakuGame developers for their latest discovery and invention of the amazing xcite mountain bike game that is super exciting and full of unending adventure.


Interesting facts about the game that makes it unique and special

Again, this game comes as a great relief to those gamers in need of some help in running the normal game races and xcite mountain bike game comes with an amazing blend of all that and full of adventure and anticipation as well. You will basically hope on to a bike and get to ride it all the way through the exciting and adventurous path or route. The game has some amazing 3D, stunning environments that you will have to bike your way through all of them to the end, while performing some maneuvering tricks in order for you to succeed in biking to the end. You will also have to be upgrading your skills as you move across the entire environment and be on look for any other additional powerful items that will be instrumental and very effective in helping your biking experience. From, my experience, you will definitely need some boosters and help to be able to get far and so you should be careful not to miss any of these items.


You will have to ride your way across the seven locations in addition to the over twenty obstacles and environments all meant to disguise and make you to fail. There are a whole lot of tricks for you to learn, more than eighteen for you to be successfully maneuver your way across all the obstacles. Such tricks include the tail whip, back flips, bar spins and many more tricks. For a greater experience and moves to facilitate your biking process, you could combine some of these tricks in such a way that will get you through all the obstacles on the way. You can come up with different combinations of these tactics, forming different combos that will get you even more points and get you through it all.


Special features about the Xcite Mountain Bike game

The game comes with an entirely new experience that will wow any game fanatic out there, especially those that enjoy playing 3D games. You will find some simple swipes and tilt controls designed with much precision and are simple & easy to use. You will also be able to ride your way through the dangerous experience and environments, having to get through all those artificial. The xcite mountain bike is an ultimate bike game that is high skilled and the experience is worth it. This is one of such games that can get you glued to your iPhone and iPad for several hours because it gets more and more interesting as you play it. Unlocking new abilities is one challenge that you will have to face and go through and therefore, you will have to improve your motor bike characters and skills. In- addition, you will have to crush your partners as well as the world around you and the global leaderboards available. There are a lot of fakies for you to decode and get to perform them as you bike across the 3D environment, off-course in addition to the other eighteen different maneuvers or tricks. You can also get to post or share your replays on the various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube as you wish.

Where to find the game and device compatibility

You can view the game in iTunes and is easily compatible with the following devices, iPhone 4 +, iPad 2+, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, and iPod Touch 5. This application is basically designed for both iPad and iPhones, but is highly optimized for iPhone 5.

What is new on their latest version 1.0.2

Great improvements on your ability to perform enough trick combos, for example, performing three tricks and maneuvers while jumping is something more than exciting and appealing to the game lovers. They also did their best to fix a lot of bugs and other things from the various recommendations of their customers to make the riding experience as smooth as possible. Feel free to post your reviews and comments to them so that they can improve and make the Xcite Mountain Bike game even better.

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