LikeBlockr for Instagram: First App for Blocking !

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LikeBlockr is currently the world’s first app for blocking likes and number of followers in Instagram for the iPhone. Photos are a great way of capturing and re-living life’s moments. When this important factor of life is reduced to the valuation of photos using likes and number of followers, it loses its meaning. This app therefore questions the authority of social media and the value the social media places on the currency of likes. LikeBlockr is an app that is cretaed to work with the world’s leading online platform for sharing photos, Instagram. This app removes the unnecessary pressure that comes with the number of likes a photo gets or the number of followers a person has on Instagram. Everything that matters is the fact that you like your photo and the other people’s likes on your photo do not determine your happiness.


LikeBlockr automatically blocks all the likes on photos and allows you to experience a like-free timeline hence removing the worries of who likes your photo or how many likes your photo gets. These numbers are seamlessly hidden from your timeline hence helping you to quit comparisons with other people’s accounts and photos. However, it is still possible to follow people whose photos and timelines interest you and even leave comments on photos. This ultimately gives you the power to your social media. The app has a beautiful user interface design and it integrates seamlessly with Instagram hence creating a similar and familiar social media experience that does not distract popularity. The user interface is also very user friendly and easy to use. LikeBlockr uses familiar and neat graphics hence maintaining the same kind of experience.


The app prompts Instagram users to log in to their Instagram accounts through it. Once logged in, the user can now scroll his/her newsfeed and view other people’s profiles without the pressure of numbers in form of likes and followers. The number of people that a person follows are also hidden. With the ease of use and integration into Instagram, LikeBlockr is an absolutely free app. It only requires you to log in to your Instagram account via the app. The app also respects your content and cannot delete or alter any of your content which is stored on Instagram without your consent. The app however does not deactivate the feature of likes and follower numbers. If you wish to go back to the normal Instagram, the likes and number of followers will still be there. In fact, the numbers might have slightly changed from the last time you checked. However, jealousy will be created from the comparison of the numbers with those of your friends or other people. The main purpose of LikeBlockr is to remove this kind of pressure from you.


LikeBlockr is a product of Daniel Zimmerman and was released on 29th January 2015. The currently available version is 1.0.2 and its size is only 5.7 MB. It is compatible with the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. Specifically, it is optimized to run in iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and the latest iPhone 6 plus. The device running this app requires an iOS 7.1 or a later version of iOS. The language supported by LikeBlockr is English.

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