Shooting and fighting games have always been up on the chart of iTunes games and people prefer to download those games which are available free of cost. Helicopter Air Fighting is one such game on iTunes which was released recently for the mass users. The game version 1.0 is available for free and the game is quite interesting. When I went through the description of the game, I felt quite interested about it but when I actually played the game, it blew me over. I loved the easy control of the game and anyone can master the game easily.


Helicopter air fighting, presented by theien tran vu is not like other helicopter fighting games that are gloomy and dark. This game has a bright and colorful view that I liked most. The helicopters are available in three vibrant colors that will make the game look good. Simply tap on a helicopter and your game will start. You are going to see the damage meter along with the health meter to know how long you can continue in the game. The environment is quite nice and it is an extra advantage of the game. When the visual of the game is good, the interest grows.


Helicopter air fighting is a shooting game where you will be equipped with a shooting helicopter which you can control with virtual joystick. Heli is the name of the helicopter. All you need to do is to shoot at your enemies. Though it is a sky shooting game you will have the ground view. There are rockets in the game that you can turn on. The rocket button will actually put the fire on. Apart from that there are bonus boxes available at several points which can be used for power ups. The boxes can appear once you shoot an enemy helicopter and it may provide you with a protective layer.


The version 1.0 of the game is available for free. The game takes around 39.4 MB space on your device and it is compatible to both iPhone, and iPad. The app is optimized for iPhone 5. The iOS version 6.0 or later is needed to play the game.

Good: The helicopter game is quite easy to understand and it is not dark and gloomy like other shooting game. The ground visual is quite clear too.

Bad: The game visual may turn out to be monotonous after certain point of time.

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