Jewel Mash : Extremely Exciting Game !

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Jewel Mash is a new, free, and extremely exciting game! You embark on a mysterious pirate adventure that takes you to a beautiful island, which holds a dazzling treasure chests with various goodies inside, a fat scary pirate with a surprise, and other interesting land monuments that await you!

jm1 Each island holds multiple levels, which are represented as stones (1, 2, 3…etc), you have the ability to score up to three stars on each! Once you ace one stone, you get the next one as you move up the breathtaking island to your prize! The game basically consists of matching 3 jewels together, just like any other game…but it has a twist! As you move up ranks, you encounter multiple stumbling obstacles that you have to overcome, such as blocks, chains, and wholes in the game board. Once you do, you get even more points for your amazing feats! You just don’t get bored with this game!


In addition, if you are ever stuck, the game provides you with powerful power-ups to get you out of any queasy situation and back to the board! One thing that really sets the game apart from others is that you aren’t required to have a timer. You can of course, but you don’t HAVE to. Which, in my opinion, is a relief, because sometimes you just want to lay back and take your time. The game is practically impossible to put down, its that entertaining. It’s great for all ages, since it’s not hard to play, yet really fun.

One of the best aspects of the game in my opinion, is its auto-save. We all have that riveting day where we can’t get our hands off the game, and the battery is low, and it shuts down. Well, that’s not a problem, because all your progress is saved! You can switch between devices; play a day on your iPad and a day on you iPhone, whatever you wish. It’s amazingly convenient. And to make it even better, you can face of your friends in battles. Do you have a brother who is always smarter than you in school? Well, here is your chance to show him up! Battle with your friends and enemies to determine who is the top masher in town! The game offers three game modes: classic, time trial, and battle. So, you have the option of either chilling on your couch playing classic mode (with no timer obligations), beating your high score in the thrilling time-trial mode, or clashing with your best buds in the battle mode.


The game currently holds 150 electrifying and fun levels to play on, and more are being created every single day, so you will never be bored again! Lastly, I would like to say how amazed I am by the fabulous graphics used in the game. The artists that created the scenes and levels are very upscale, and with surely make you feel like you were uprooted from the ground and carried to the magical and enchanting pirate world of Jewel Mash. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys matching games, because this game is free, exciting, new, and here to climb the leaderboards. So, I advise you to get ahead of your buddies while you can, because soon enough, everyone will be playing!

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