Picstagrab : Perfect App for Instagram Addicts

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Picstagrab for iphone and ipad is extraordinary when it comes to watermark´and repost your pictures. Easy to use, it’s just perfect if you’re addicted to post your pictures everyday on Instagram.With this app, all pictures go through an online search to verify if they’re original. Picstagrab has a watermark collection you can choose from in order to select the one that best suits your needs.You can also resize and change the shape of the watermarks so it becomes more clear or invisible. At the end of the day, you want your picture to have something that stands out from the rest without losing their integrity and that’s exactly what Picstagrab promises and doesn’t fail to deliver.So what are the features this app has to offer?


Apart from watermarking your pictures, you can also download images from a specific collection of your choice ( yours or someone else’s ).Picstagrab is by far the easiest app to use and manage your pictures. It allows you to do multiple tasks in a single app including duplication search, adding captions and reposting. If before you needed several apps, Picstagrab will make your life much easier by doing all the work for you, saving you time and money purchasing expensive apps.The best thing i found about this app is its incredible versatility – never before i’ve seen an app for iPhone and iPad that lets you download your pictures, add watermarks and captions and repost them all at once. Regular Instagram users will find Picstagrab as being very helpful to keep track of their pictures all day long.

pg2Picstagrab is the ultimate app for all Instagram lovers and is the perfect combination of useful tools that have all you need to repost, download and manage all your images with ease.This app is also very helpful to detect if your picture is already duplicated on the internet, automating all the searching process. If you’re not using Picstagrab already, you’re missing out. Instead of having to use multiple apps, you can now replace all the hard work for a few clicks.It can’t get any easier than this -Picstagrab is definitely an innovation when it comes to do time consuming tasks.What attracted me more about this app is also the fact that is one hundred percent free. Why pay for several apps to do the work this one does free of charge? Sunnarsoft Ltd, the proud creators of Picstagrab, did a great job to deliver an app that helps Instagram users worldwide on multiple ways. Now you can download pictures directly from Instagram and repost them after making the changes you desire.


The fact that Picstagrab interface is so easy to use and being so newbie friendly, no wonder why is growing to be so popular on such a highly demanding community.Don’t wait more, download Picstagrab and try it for free – it’s fun, easy to use and compatible with iPhone and iPad so you can manage your pictures anytime and anywhere you wish, all day long.

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