Car Cost Universal : Universal Tool to Help Out with Car Expenses

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Car Cost Universal is an effective utility application that can make your new car purchase decision full-proof from every aspect. If you are planning to buy a new car, before you actually make your final call, it is important to be completely aware about the investments you are going to make for the car at the time of purchasing it and also in the coming years. The application Car Cost Universal has been designed with the motto to offer the will-be and new car owners all the calculative evidences to plan their investments on their vehicles. This application can also be highly effective to decide when you should sell your old car and opt for a new one; so even if you already own a car, having this application in your mobile can be highly helpful.


The application has a simple front end and is easy to use. It calculates the total annual cost of a new car during its total lifetime. Factors like loss in value, depreciation all are considered for making the calculations which makes the output not only believable but accurate. The application supports use of different currencies, and users can choose any from the three preferred units; Imperial, Metric or US. The application will make accurate calculations irrespective you chose to buy the car paying in cash or you opted for a loan. There are also simple options to save your calculations for future reference.


The uncomplicated front end, easy to apply tools and a clear presentation of the calculations in the same unit you used to enter the data makes the app highly effective and useful. It not only gives you the trade-in value estimates for your car during its whole life at any mileage, but also gives you information on the total costs incurred due to wear and also the time of replacement of different parts. This application can be highly helpful for calculating your loan and fine tuning your loan terms. You can use the information generated through this application effectively in understanding your car related expenses, taking a loan, assessing the profitability of a lease agreement, negotiating with your car dealer, and also to determine the right time to buy your next car.


The app was freshly launched on 18th Of Jan, 2015, and the current running version is 1.0. The seller of the app is Bjorn Sjoblom and support from the seller is available. The application is presently available only in English and costs $1.99 for a single download. It needs iOS 7.1 or later to run smoothly; and is fully compatible with iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. This application is optimized for iPhone 5, 6 and 6 Plus. The app takes only 19.4 MB space on the memory of your device.

Good: The application has immense practical application and can be really useful for many to churn out the financial data related with buying and owning a car.

Bad: The application is not free but comes for a very reasonable price, without any hidden in –app purchases

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