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With so many Android messaging apps, it is a hard choice to choose one for the purpose. If you choose more than one, switching between them can prove to be tedious indeed. At the same time, keeping in touch with friends is extremely important and essential. The simplest solution to all of this is the Now Messenger. This Android app allows you to message your contacts in real time. This way, there’s no missing out on any important events in anyone’s life.


Developed by Now RTT Inc. under the Communication category, the app boasts of a host of unique features. It is compatible with all Android devices having Android 4.2 and higher, requiring 4 MB of free space in addition. One of the most useful features of this app is its universality. For ones who don’t have the app, they are given an option of SMS messaging. You can keep in touch with these through plain SMS. Once they install the app, it is then easy to switch from the SMS mode to real time messaging mode. Hence, there’s no punishment for not having the app installed. You just have ample time to do so and a reliable communication option until then.


The app has 2 modes- SMS mode and Real time mode. In the SMS mode, you can communicate through SMS or MMS messages using the app. you are allowed to send SMS or messages messages from within the app. In the Real time mode, you can actively edit any present or past messages any time you like. Stay updated at all points of time with this mode. You can choose one of the two modes to keep in touch with all your near and dear ones, no matter what happens.


Another interesting feature of this app is that it allowed group chats with an unlimited number of users. That too in real time. To keep the group admin from feeling burdened by the responsibility, the title is entirely removed to begin with. Anyone on the group is allowed to add anyone else or remove anyone else. This way, everyone has control over the group dynamics. There’s one small catch though. The Owner of the group chat cannot be removed from the group at any time.

To provide flexibility to users, they no longer have to stick to plain old text messaging to keep in touch. Voice recording and Images are also allowed in the chats. Another unique feature by virtue of its Real time mode is that you take back a message, given that the recipient has not downloaded the contents of the message onto his phone. To add colour to chats, the emoji icons pack has been included too. Background images for chats can be changed and set as per your convenience.

Now Messenger comes with information on its usage in the Help page. It gives you complete flexibility and control over your chats and groups, while also providing you with an array of options to communicate with everyone under the sun.

Good: Real time mode and SMS mode

Bad: None

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