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Social media plays integral in today’s demanding life. It plays the catalyst in turning daily activities into a more interactive manifestation to the world. You simply log in to social media platform and share your favourite videos and pictures with friends and family. Indeed, the public forum serves as a fantastic way of offering glimpses of what is happening in your life and also about your social status.

Social media has come a long way from being rudimentary to more technically-advanced. While it started off with only text in the beginning, it then switched to pictures and eventually video clips that opened a more distinctive window of your life to the world. Well, the latest endowment on the radar is LIVE video that you can add to the social media with the use of LiveRing app.

I particularly prefer this LiveRing app so that I can share my amazing moment live with friends and also talk and interact with them holding those split seconds in the most cherished manner. What can be more wonderful than sharing your experiences with dear ones who are physically afar, while the event is in course! Tag the live video on social media to intimate people, but remember you can invite only up to 4 friends at a time.


The video can be anything from a silly gesture, to a funny instance or a live concert; or asking for advice what shoes to buy. Flip the camera to yourself or pan it around to show your surrounding while your moment is fed live to friends. However, remember this that live moment through this app is only limited to just one minute.

Yes, it a minute’s matter but the experience is thrilling. There cannot be a better interactive medium than this so that you can let the world savour the same joy, glee and happiness that you seem to imbibe. No wonder, the world is progressing at a lightning speed and the invention of apps is now the current boom. While there is a spree of useful apps doing rounds, the LiveRing app is surely going to take the social media by storm owing to its instant sharing attribute. The app itself will help you to seek friends from your phonebook contacts who have installed it.


LiveRing is a free app that you can download from Google Play to your Android phone or tablet. Users can experience watching and sharing the live video at a superfluous speed in 4G networks, though 3G is the minimum requirement in this. The moment a friend download the app, you get its notification in the contact list of your phone. To ensure that you are real and you exist, SMS verification is sent to your phone number. If the number matches with what you had provided you are approved.

Good: The app allows sharing live moments with friends, to make it more interactive and lively of what is happening in your life.

Bad: Only up to four friends can join the league watching the live video.

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