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Ensure the best security of your contact date stored in your iPhone, iPad or even cloud based address books with this intelligent single touch application ContactShield, which is designed in order to ensure that the contact information stored in your device is not compromised in anyway. There are a number of programs that attempt to access the contact data stored in your device, or even on a cloud server. These programs are powerful and they can actually hack into your system and provide unauthorized access to your contact data. ContactShield, enables the user to encrypt contacts saved on their iOS devices so that they can actually have full control over sharing their contact data.


ContactShield is designed to offer simplicity so that users do not really need to wrack their brains to get full benefit of this encryption based application. With a single tap users can encrypt their contacts and also select particular fields for protection. Tapping the lock icon of ContactShield encrypts the contact data on the iOS device, but not on the ContactShield. The app does not actually keep any copy of your contact data and only helps you to protect your contact data on your device in use. When launched, the app automatically reads the address book and decrypts the contact data requested by you. For accessing ContactShield that can decrypt the protected data, users need to provide their authentication password; so even if you happen to lose your device, your contact data are always safe.


ContactShield uses AES 256-bit encryption algorithm which prevents applications from accessing your contact data. It also supports synchronization with other iOS devices, including, Mac as well as PC, which might share the same address book. Accessing to your contact details is never made complicated due to ContactShield; it allows quick and secure single touch access to your contact data on providing your authentication password. In case of wrong authentication for certain number of times, it goes into the auto-lock mode to save your contact data in case your device is lost or stolen. The application also offers a search function that works on the encrypted as well as un-encrypted contact data, making it simple to find out any contact information stored on your device. Field encryption setting per contact, status indicator for encrypted contacts, auto-detect of changes made to the address book are some of the other unique features of this application.


Technical Specifications

The application needs iOS 7.1 or later to run and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is optimized for iPhone 5, 6 and 6 plus. Presently it is available only in English, and takes 0.7 MB space on the memory drive. A single download of the application is priced $0.99.

Good: The application is highly effective as it uses AES-256 bit encryption to ensure the best security of your contact data. Synchronization between different devices and easy decryption of the contact details are the other things to mention.

Bad: No bad reports about the application have been received so far.

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