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Mother tongue influence is a common problem that people face. This is more prominent in the non English speaking countries but if you want to grow your confidence while talking to people all over the world, you need perfect pronunciation. While difficult words are spoken correctly most of the time, the real simple phrases cause problem. If you don’t know how these phrasal verbs are actually pronounced, you may land into a tricky situation, which may be difficult to combat. With the new app in the iTunes store, Polly Verbs, you can speak English correctly and with accent.


Polly Verbs, presented by ThinkMyApp, is intended for the iTunes users who are good in English but not good in speaking it out. The app provides stress on some of the most common phrasal verbs that you can rehearse on daily basis. The app uses the voice recognition software to make you correct in pronunciation. The voice recognition system is superbly accurate and it would point out which word in the phrase you are pronouncing wrongly. I found this feature really interesting as it actually corrects me word by word.


The Polly Verbs app comes with 125 phrases that are regularly used. You can practice speaking English for 10 minutes each day and you will find a mark difference in your English communication skill. New content is being added every now and then. The progress can be from phrase to phrase according to the app. In case, you want to access the phrases in any order, you will have to make an in app purchase. You can always bookmark a tricky or difficult phrase and come back to it after some time.


The app comes with lots of features making it worthwhile. You can find out what you are really saying opposed to what you think you are saying. This is really amazing part of the app. This is actually fun and you can also have fun with fellow English learners on the app. You can also find out your level statistics and progress report from time to time. This will tell you how much you have improved in the few days of practice.

The version 1.2 of the app is available for free in the iTunes store. It takes around 18.7 Mb space on your device and iOS version 7.0 or later is required for the app.

Good: The good part is that it has the best voice recognition system.

Bad: Nothing bad is reported about the app, till date.

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