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If you have been missing the thrill of playing Qix or Snake on your mobile device, this is the time you have the option to enjoy the thrill once again, in a fresh format. Qake, a retro-design game has been inspired by the huge popularity of arcade games of the first generations; and it encapsulates a dynamic level design to ensure that the users can actually have the same enthralling experience that can keep them glued for hours. If you have been a lover of the classic arcade games, Qake is sure to give you a great playing time.

q1Qake comes with a front end that is simple yet interesting. The goal of every level is to secure a particular percentage of the total court area. The player can control his/her token with simple swipe gestures; and stirring the token around the court is pretty easy. The gamer needs to section of partitions by stirring their tokens across the court area until it meet the goal of the level. The mission is made even more challenging by introducing a number of balls and bombs, which can kill one life if you happen to collide with them. These balls and bombs can also damage your score if they hit the unsecured path. Balls and bombs with unique features can give you tough time by introducing different types of obstacles. So, get ready to face a lot of new challenges and excel through the difficulties while enjoying your journey through the multiple levels of the game.


The latest version of Qake comes with an Autopilot, which show Qake playing itself, giving the user a complete idea about how to play the game and achieve the goal. The levels, score and life are demarcated at the top of the screen, making it simple to keep a constant eye on your performance. The game comes with randomized level generator which ensures that every time, at every level the bombs and balls will have different configurations which will ensure that every time you play Qake you are offered a unique experience. There are also interesting power ups that you can collect at each level to become unbeatable and gain more lives. There are also bonus levels and a challenger mode which adds more fun to the overall experience.



The latest version of the game version 1.0.1 is available in two languages English and German. It requires iOS 7.1 or later to run smoothly; and is perfectly compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The application is specially optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Single purchase of the game from iTunes costs $0.99 and it takes 2.2 MB space in the memory of your device.

Good: The application revives the thrill of the extremely popular classic arcade games and hence ensures to give the players an unmatched experience. The unique design and gameplay, along with fresh and randomized challenges make the game a source of continued entertainment.

Bad: The application is not available for free; however, it has been priced pretty reasonably. No other bad reports have been received about the app.

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