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When you misplace your mobile phone, you just have to ring it from a different number and you will find it instantly. There are times when I imagined every tool and every gadget I have shall have a ring tone, so that, whenever I misplace them, I would be able to call and check where they are. It is quite impossible in the real world and in most of the cases, once you have loaned a tool, it never comes back. You tend to forget whom you have given and you search it everywhere. The ShareMyToolbox app brings a simple solution to this complex problem. It not only helps you remember where you have loaned the tool but also tells you who have the tool that you want.


In most of the cases, you need a heavy tool for a small part of the work and you rent the tool from a provider. Why do that, when you have a list of friends who posses them and from whom you can borrow. The app lets you store unlimited tools and have unlimited connections with friends and family members, apart from your co-workers. So, next time you need something to work with, just search the app and you will know who has it.


The app, ShareMyToolbox, will not only keep track which tool you loaned but will also remind you which one you borrowed. You can always set notification for the same. You will be able to provide six pictures per tool and can also track the warrantee of the product. Apart from that you can track the serial number, manufacturing date and many such details about the tool in question. There are some tools that you have in your kitty but don’t want to share with other. Mark them as non-sharable and no one will get them from you.

The app lets the user set lender terms and conditions. You can set your own terms and check other’s term whenever lending a tool. You can also track the transaction history of the tool. The tool statuses can be color coded for better viewing. The interface of the app is quite cool and it can be easily understood.

Technical Information

The app provides you an opportunity to log in with your social media if you are not comfortable in creating a separate user account. The registration screen of the app is also updated in the new version. The version 1.1 of the app is available for free for the iTunes user and the app can be downloaded directly from the store. It will take around 14.5 MB space on your device. The device requires iOS 8.1 or later. So, if you don’t have it till now, just upgrade. The app is compatible both with iPhone and iPad, apart from iPod touch.

Good: The app comes with a lot of features and it will actually save a lot of your money.

Bad: There is nothing wrong reported about the new version of the app.

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