Jackpotjoy Re-Launches Popular Application

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Readers may have seen our review a while back of PokerStars’ Free Poker app, a barnstorming poker application that combined great gameplay, classy graphics and a generous dollop of immersion in order to create an unparalleled on-the-go experience for poker aficionados. Things went so well for the app that the endlessly profitable PokerStars was taken over soon after by gaming giant Amaya for the princely sum of $4.9 billion, the largest acquisition of an online gaming company ever! Subsequent to this deal, all manner of takeover activity kicked off within the industry, the most important being the takeover of Gamesys by Intertain.


Now I hear you asking; why are you talking about gaming takeovers? Well, the dust has settled on the Gamesys takeover and the company is re-releasing its incredibly popular Jackpotjoy app – the main reason behind Intertain’s interest in the company – and we’ve got our mitts on it! Has the application changed at all since the takeover? How good are the gaming experiences now on offer?

Released on February 10th 2015, Version 2.0.0 of the app is indeed a lot like the previous iteration. Players who download the app get the same tasty £25 free play bonus, and can use this to play all manner of excellently crafted titles. There’s a huge variety of slots on the site – we enjoyed the Aztec themed “Fortune Temple”, and the £80,000-jackpotted “Double Bubble”, a 20-lined behemoth of a game – but it’s not just slots that Jackpotjoy have up their gilded sleeve!


Some of the more unorthodox titles include “Tiki’s Catch of the Day”, a game harking back to village fete duck fishing stalls, and “Tiki’s Nuts”, a coconut shy-themed experience. It’s refreshing to see games being focused around more traditional funfair activities, although you can still have access to traditional casino-themed table games too. Jackpotjoy’s roulette and blackjack games are just as good as those offered by the website’s competitors, if not better.

What Version 2.0.0 doesn’t have in new games it more than makes up for in support-side improvements. The game is overall far more stable than the previous release – an incredibly important issue given the large sums of real cash being handled by the game – and also features support for themes; great news for lovers of customisation!

It seems like Intertain may have picked a winner in Jackpotjoy, although as always the customers themselves will decide whether or not the new app is a success. Want to try it out? Download it for free here!

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