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Pyrus is a task management App that helps to coordinate the workflow along your streamlines and allows you to track them across different positions. With Pyrus tool, you can create, assign and delegate tasks, approve documents with a list of number of people for approval. Everything is organized to based on your inbox. You don’t even see any tasks you’re not actively assigned to. It works and feels like email, and requires very little training. If you are working on a team with multiple people, this app is the perfect solution for you to automate your task management.
Need of Pyrus:

Task management and team communication can be a pain. People usually get hundreds of mail daily which includes all junks, interview request, policy mail and assigned work from the boss. It usually takes lot of time to filter out useful mails related to your work. Moreover, it causes you to go back and forth from your mail to the current project you’re working on. Pyrus is a dedicated app for automating and simplifying the task management to overcome the complexity of typical task assigning methods. In Pyrus, you will be seeing only those tasks in your mailbox which you will actively assigned. No newsletters and no junk mails. Just the stuff you need to get done.
How does it work:

After logging on and opening Pyrus, all of your pending tasks will be sitting in your inbox. When you are done pulling your weight on a project, send it off to a supervisor or another colleague for further completion . Once, you completed your task, it’s automatically disappears from your inbox. The task can also be scheduled to a future time if you don’t have a time. Hence, Pyrus has workflows that can be completely automated to work in complex ways with thousands of people- it’s still simple and each person sees it in action.

1) Approve documents and keep everyone in a loop:Pyrus lets you the automate the approval of orders, proposals, budgets, attendance list, technical lists or any other documents essential to your business. Participants in the approval process can view versions of documents as well as entire comment history on one page. Hence, it eliminates all potential confusion over whether someone has already read a document or not.
2) Automate your task management:Pyrus handles large volumes of calls, requests, orders or other task more efficiently by creating a automated workflows, saving lot of time , clicks and a bit more of sanity.
3) Always Online:Pyrus Mobile Apps work even there is no internet access. Hence, It will sync everything you’ve worked on offline the moment you get back to online.
4) Security and Access Control:Pyrus provides custom and flexible access settings for each team members and track your team’s progress. All the data is carefully encrypted through multiple secure layers. Hence it provides all the assurance to keep the data safe and secure.

Verdict:Overall, Pyrus is an powerful automated business processing tool which does need huge investment of IT personnel to customize the software. It has all potential to make your daily work smarter by automating tedious yet essential business processes. It’s easy to implement,saves both employee and employer’s time and let you get back to actually getting work done.

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