CallerSmart : Outsmarting Unknown & Unwanted Callers, Together

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Well, are you tired of getting tons of anonymous phone calls every week, sometimes even several calls each day? And worse still, having to sift through Google as you try figuring out who your pesky caller was…I know. But not anymore! Thanks to the new Caller smart iPhone app, these are now things of the past. CallerSmart is a caller-ID app that aids in identification of unknown numbers. It’s a form of community phonebook that comes free to use and was intended to actively warn other users against phone numbers belonging to different spam callers within identified within that community.


Find out for free who called or texted you.

Do thus by simply typing the mystery phone number into the app’s search bar which should locate the caller’s name and the location from which that number is from. The app then provides an instant premium report on useful information about the mystery caller. Once you recognize the person, you can then call them back, send them a text, or add their number directly to your iPhone contact list. And better still, you will earn Caller I.Q. points for leaving community feedback, to aid others when they search that number!


Fight back against annoying callers.

Do you get frequent calls from bill collector, annoying ex or prankster? Well, you can now stop that by identifying, selecting and blocking (even permanently) the caller, and then leaving useful feedback on the community forum so that other members know. Doing so will help the community of users – and should also boost your Caller I.Q.!

Receive prizes & badges for helping our community.

You will unlock special Smart Badges once you identify mystery callers and leave useful feedback for the community. These badges can then be shared badges with friends on different social networks. Increase your rankings and compete with fellow users by submitting the most useful feedback.


Use the Caller smart iPhone app to;

Find out the complete name and location of the mystery numbers that show up on the caller ID. Investigate the suspicious texts you receive, while having access to useful comments on the same from other CallerSmart users. Avoid annoying ex-lovers, bill collectors, scammers, telemarketers or prank callers, so that you avoid mistakenly calling back someone you didn’t want to talk to. Monitor your number to find out whoever has been looked up for you, including any past searches. Protect your children, partner, or business from other people secretly snooping on your phone number.

Concept and Functionality.

The concept of the Caller smart iPhone app is brilliant. The community-based orientation especially, allows this app to truly shine. With the many phone spammers and schemes out there, it makes a lot of sense to use unity in identification, flagging and blocking of these pesky numbers. Creation of accounts is as easy as could be. All you need to do is choosing your username, allowing push notifications, plugging your number in and verifying your email address. Presto, you will immediately get enrolled to a growing community of empowered phone users.


The Caller smart iPhone app has tested through the roof. The idea is original, the network strong, and the functionality truly supreme. There is absolutely nothing to lose, since this app comes free.

Quick, download this application before you get that next missed call!

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