The Sporadic Change in Gaming at the Hands of Gamesite

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The gaming arena has been changing through and through with each and every developer trying to outsmart the other. But perhaps on the question we ought to ask ourselves is whether these wars yield any benefit to us as gamers. The obvious answer to this would have to be Gamesite. That has changed the world of gaming and brought a new touch and warmth to the word “gaming”. Gone are those days when individuals would be stuck to one particular interface of a game for a whole one hour. The monotony was annoying, and it was breaking the spirit of ardent gamers.


Gamesite has come up with a way to ensure that the gaming world reigns. They have developed a sports game in which those involved can play pick-ups. That would mean that we do not only have one or two people playing but a whole community of gamers. There are also some games that are readily available to those who choose to play. Having downloaded this amazing app myself, I can attest to its amazing futures. The user interface is nothing I have ever seen before since I can say it is bug-free. It does not seem to hand like other poorly developed games. It is supported on Android and that it wins the war against other platforms such as Windows.


The features embedded in this application are off this world. The game is interactive since it allows one to play as well as engage with friends. Other features include:

  • Direct messaging for friends that you like and follow (AMAZING!!!)
  • Swipe feature that allows one to join or leave a game (Right swipe helps one join, and a further swipe helps one leave)
  • GPS location enabled
  • Share option for those willing to share on social media
  • Search option for games in other communities


The features clearly outline what a great app this is, and that goes on to show how the world of games is changing gradually. The game is GPS enabled, and that means I can get to look at who is in my vicinity and engage them in a game. I do not have to play with a particular group of people. It allows me some sense of independence. One can also be able to delete a game that they were playing before if they wish to, and that goes on to save on space.

The in-app messaging feature is pretty helpful since one can chat with friends while playing with them at the same time. That offers flexibility as opposed to having to play a game and chat with friends on a different device. The game provides some sense of sophistication that other previous developers were unable to. The application allows on to search for people either using the @ option or by use of their names. That means one will not miss out on friends as long as they know their real names or even the gaming aliases. The game is without a doubt the most epic thing that as happened to the gaming world for a long time. I just love Gamesite: Play Pick-Up Sports Games.

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