Arctic Defences- Fight the Battle Against Zombie Invaders

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Have you ever imagined yourself in a scenario where you save your world from the baddies and emerged as a hero? Well, who are we kidding? At some point of our lives, each one of us has had this fantasy of being a superhero. If you want to make this come true, then you must try out the iOS app Arctic Defences- Defend Your World From The Zombie Dictator! This app takes you into a world where a modern battle is raging and your island is being invaded by zombies. It is your duty to defend and protect it from them. Your liberty and freedom is at stake here.


To back you up, you have gunners, ice towers, modern snipers and a lot more in your arsenal. The fight is spread all over the tundra, mountains and the arctic islands. You have to command the troops and prove your mettle in the battlefield. Strategizing and playing your cards wisely can mean all the difference between a victory and a defeat.


The game has a lot to offer in terms of excitement and thrill. It has unique characters and units both. The defence battles are worth dying for. There is a huge stock of both guns and soldiers, with 6 different types of guns available at your disposal. You will have to confront and conquer over 20 different types of enemies. They vary from aviation to infantry and more. All of them have been enraged and are thirsty for blood. There are 24 different unique levels in the arctic tundra alone, with the level of difficulty increasing at each level. This game takes the genre of defence games to a whole new extreme level.

Every enemy in this game is different. You will be provided with useful information about each so that you can incorporate it into your strategy. This includes health, speed, weaknesses and more. A certain weapon only can be used to destroy a certain type of enemy. All of this information will be provided to you once you face the enemy. Weapon upgrades are also available in the game.


The crux of Arctic Defences- Defend Your World From The Zombie Dictator!lies in the challenge and the fun. Each location has a unique challenge. The more zombies you kill, the harder the game gets. It is not long before the tension and excitement escalates and you are addicted to it. It won’t be long before you are consumed by it and unable to pull yourself away from the game.

The interface of the game is quite simple and interesting. The gameplay, graphics and sound are all top notch too. It is a perfect combination of funny, cute, exciting and cool. The developer UlrikMotzfeldt has put a good amount of thought into the game indeed. If you are looking for a creative, fun and exciting defence game, this one is ideal. It is available for free in the App store for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch having iOS 6.1 or later.

Good: Different types of enemies that require unique strategies

Bad: None

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