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Children are likedough of clay that can be kneaded into a variety of forms and shapes. It is essential to free their mind and tap on their creativity at an early age as far as possible. Their love for adventure and travel must be harnessed. If you wish to do the same, then the iOS app ‘Where Will I Go?’ by Digital Leaf will help you in your endeavour. This is a children’s storybook which throws light on the adventure and joys of travel.


The narration of the book has been done by Brian Blessed, a well-known world-famous actor. This app helps children explore the many colourful and enjoyable corners of the world, exposing them to the beauty and taking them on a breath-taking journey around the globe. It elaborates on each aspect of every place. At the end of this journey, children are asked where they would like to go.


The storyline of the app is very realistic and fun. It follows that of a father and son who are wandering around a museum, taking a peek at the many exhibits from around the child. The father helps the child dream of the fun adventures that he can undertake once he grows up. The ultimate goal is to bring out an interest in the reader for the adventures of travel and get them exposed to what they can expect of it. At the same time, the bond between the child and the father is being celebrated.

This app has been designed keeping the needs of the child in mind. The interface is extremely easy to use and highly intuitive. There are 24 pages of text that is appropriate to children of young age and the textrhymes to catch their attention. Each page gets the child involved in the story with noises to make, things to move about and more. The display has been optimised for the Retina Display of iOS devices. The app requires iOS 5.1.1 or higher versions and it is compatible with the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. It has been optimised for the iPhone 5.


There are a lot of little fun and exciting things in the book to keep children hooked to it throughout, all the way to the last word of the last line. They can touch the disco ball to see giraffes dance, whizz the Mexican jumping beans off the page by touching them, touch the crocodiles to be bitten by them, make the bulls stampede throughout the streets of Pamplona and much more. There is a Westie dog hidden in the story. If found by the child, it unlocks a bonus game. There is a lot of humour from the beginning to the end.

All said and done, this app is the perfect and most enjoyable way to get your children exposure to the beauty and adventures hidden across the world. There is so much to explore and the earlier, the better. This is an app that all parents must download for their children. It is available for $3.99 in the App Store.

Good: Lots of exciting things to explore

Bad: None

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