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At present, there are many apps available online to make the working process of Android phone fast. Selecting the best mobile phone from store may not be an easy task for all. Auto optimizer is one among the best chosen Android apps from store so as to make the performance of mobile phone fast. Today, you can easily avail this app from Google play store. Proper maintenance of Android phone is very important to keep it functional. Installation of Auto optimizer is found to be effective to make Android phones functional in operation.

User friendly operation is a key feature of this smart phone app. Hence it can be installed very easily in your mobile phone. Apart from user friendly design, this effective app make the processing speed of your mobile phone simple and fast. Instant optimization is another key feature of this Android app. You can easily optimize your mobile phone with a single tap on the home button. It delivers smooth operation devoid of errors and other difficulties in your mobile phone.
Memory and battery details on the overlay area of smartphone is another key feature of this Android app. This feature allow user to check the details of memory usage and battery from the status bar. Apart from giving the information about memory and battery, this Android app can also enhance the battery life of Android phone in an effective manner. Over loading of pages in history can delay the working efficiency of mobile phone.

Auto optimizer allow users to clear the unwanted pages in history in an effective manner. Availability of additional or enhanced setting options is another feature of this Android app. As said earlier, accumulation of unwanted processes is a key factor affecting the performance of mobile phone. Auto optimizer can effectively increase the performance of mobile phone by deleting the accumulation of unwanted processes from Android phone.

Checking the status of mobile phone is a main feature of auto optimizer. It can provide the condition and available charge details of your mobile phone battery. At present, free trial version of this Android app can be easily availed from online store. Those in need to check the functioning of app can make use of this trial version before buying it from Google play store.

Today, Auto optimizer can be readily recommended to all in search of an automatic execution app. It also suits for all in need of an app that can function without advertisements. Battery life saver is a prime topic searched by many mobile phone users. You can also recommend this Android app to those people in need of the best app that can save battery life of phone.

High memory release is a highlighting feature that distinguish auto optimizer from other Android optimization apps. It eliminates the running process of functions in case of low memory. Apart from halting the downloading process in case of low memory, this app can also execute when screen is turned off. It is also available with shortcuts to each functions, widgets and auto execute at a set of interval.

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