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Hundreds, or should it be, thousands of new apps make their way to the App Store each week and one such app that’s coming out on 4th of June this week is called Charlie, by developers based in Chicago. Charlie is already available as an online tool and the company is now about to roll out its iOS version.

Charlie, in any opinion, is a handy tool that saves you a lot of time, Google searches and severe headache. But where do all these concur? The answer is: in your wrist-watch, exactly a minute before your next-big-meeting with a business tycoon when you have nothing prepared for your tongue to roll out. Time is running out and now you realise that you’ve wasted last half hour of your lie worrying about the meeting but doing nothing. But it happens, right?

So how does Charlie do it? Charlie pulls in all the schedules from your iPhone calendar. They’re soon coming out with support for Outlook. So keep a check for that as well. But in any case, all they need is your work calendar that has all the info regarding your meetings. Then Charlie does the very same thing that you’d do i.e. search for any kind of information available on Google against that client. The sources may be social media or even some news articles. But obviously, Charlie does it with a distinction. There’s professionalism in its investigation. There is a list of sources it goes through every time and on average it saves you half an hour against such searches. That’s plenty of time to count per meeting.

Talking about distinction, Charlie compiles all the info that it collects in a well-structured, smartly designed and well-annotated one-page document and sends it to your email. You receive this page exactly an hour before your meeting. So you have enough time to thoroughly read the document and go through all the highlight points. The info may include personal brief, social posts, your common interests, recent professional developments, a snippet about the competition, etc. So this info covers the entire conversation that you could possibly have with the client, until and unless you find out that he’s a distant relative of yours and then the conversation takes a very new dimension.

So if you have Charlie in your pocket, you don’t need anything else. Confidence comes with knowledge and that’s what Charlie empowers you with.

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