How Mobile Betting Apps Can Sustain Growth

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The past few years has seen mobile betting and mobile casino apps grow in popularity. That is something that is of great benefit for all those companies involved. However, these firms are in danger of falling victims to their own success. If they want to retain these customers and continue seeing sustained growth, a difficulty in a hugely competitive market, they cannot simply rest on their laurels. Differentiation is key. But in such a narrow playing field it is increasingly difficult to achieve. So what can these applications do to entice more customers to join up?



A staple of all UK mobile casinos has been their ability to attract customers with hugely rewarding sign-up bonuses. This is something that will continue for the foreseeable future but it should be modified slightly for mobile betting apps to further their growth. Humans are a smart bunch. We are always on the lookout for the best deal, which in the mobile gaming industry is not too hard to find. Companies that want to sustain their numbers need not only offer brilliant bonuses to new players but should be going out of their way to reward existing customers in order to prevent them from jumping ship to competitors. This is done in numerous ways. Rewarding customers with a bonus after they have played a certain number of hands is something that will encourage loyalty, as do reward points. If companies do not want to see their support wane then they need to make sure that they are too good to leave.

More In-Play


In the mobile betting world it is all about in-play, and for the most part it is extremely good. But extremely good is not perfect and there is considerable room to grow. Punters want as many markets to be available to them as possible and, while it may be difficult for companies to expand their in-play arm, the ones that do should reap great rewards. For example, a lap-by-lap betting market in Formula 1 would increase customer satisfaction in motorsport betting. The ability to bet on Sebastian Vettel overtaking Valtteri Bottas in the next lap means that the action is all the more immersive.

Advanced slots


The slot machines always serve as the bread and butter of any casino. It is reported that the slots make up nearly 70 per cent of Las Vegas’ casino revenues. They are also immensely popular online. Slots have always prospered due to their simplicity and, while it would be sacrilege to suggest that casino companies look to remove that, they could improve the games available online. With certain apps offering slots like Game of Thrones and Spider Man, the overall gaming experience can be expanded to become a bit more than just spinning a reel. Features could be awesome, especially if they were to involve a bit more interactive selection and skill-based games. An expansion of the online slot world, not full-blown RPG but with a bit of story nonetheless, would be pretty innovative and therefore likely successful.

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