Maze Fiesta : A Passage into the World of Puzzles

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Everybody likes puzzles. Toss a random puzzle on the table and the whole group will take out their notebooks often fighting for the first place even when there’s no competition. But it’s human behaviour that whenever we confront something exciting, we’re always curious about it and that’s why puzzles have found a permanent dwelling in our society. But when you’re surrounded by uncountable number of puzzles, you’d always look for something extra to select a particular one, right? But then there are numerous possibilities. What can that accessory be?


Maybe the developers of Maze Fiesta have got the answer for you. Their new iOS app called Maze Fiesta boasts that accessory in the form of an integrated story-line that forms the basic structure of this beautiful app. So I think it’s not absolutely correct to call it an “accessory”; it’s a part of it.

Maze Fiesta is a magical story-cum-adventure where the two protagonists are Tim and Tim. But like any interesting movie, it’d be incomplete without the main antagonist which here is being played by the evil-bully Biff. He’s chasing Tim and Tina everywhere they go and often is the cause of their troubles. But he’s not the lone source of your worries. You’re on a journey where at each level you have to find your way to the end. There are some incomplete pieces of marble scattered on the screen and you have to join them with available pieces so that you can continue your journey. You can reshuffle the available pieces with the help of a spin button and feed your requirements.


Though there’s no timer to make your quicken your moves, if you pay close attention to the screen, you’d find that Biff is not busy just sleeping on the site where you have to lay down the pavements but is also tearing apart the pieces that you’ve already put to place. So the more time you take envisaging the road-map, the more time you’re awarding to Mr. Biff and the more moves it’ll take you to complete the job. This may not affect you in the initial stages but as the difficulty level elevates to the second stair, you’d feel the difference with limited number of moves to pass-on.


The game spans over 23 magical worlds with 700 levels that are sufficient enough to provide you days of fun and entertainment. All these 23 worlds serve are like pit-stops but you never get to rest for a second there. In fact, the every new land your feet touch gets you in more and more trouble and there’s no end to this trouble-streak. Though it’s challenging, venturing into risky situations like these would be fun and an awesome experience to have. The beautiful locations with lush green patches on one side and sandy-mountainous regions on the other make the overall journey delightful.

In Maze Fiesta, you can play against your friends and you also have the opportunity to earn some real cash. So be prepared for it. The app is available for free in the App Store. Go get it now!

Pros: 23 beautiful locations; 700 levels; challenging and risky but addictive gameplay; opportunity to earn real money; play against friends; free.

Cons: none.

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