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Communicating efficiently is an art and if you are still missing on the best communication skills through messages and texts Tut is here to help you out. Tut Keyboard enables one to message using words, stickers, photos, as well as emoji. It can efficiently work with WhatsApp, WeChat, email, text and others. Users can customize their messages with their own photos, photos of friends and things they like. This intelligent app saves you from typing words or sentences, enabling word and sentence picking through simple touch. The graphic keyboard of this software supports insertion of a whole sentence or phrase through pressing of a single key facilitating communication and making them faster and efficient.

tut1Using this app is simple. Start Tut and press and hold the green arrow to select your messaging application. Press the green arrow with “no Tut message to read” and then press the arrow with “a Tut message to send”. You can exit the app by pressing the home button. This application helps you to create personalized messages by combining the pictures taken by you with your personal quotes. You can even use the pictures of your friends directly within the conversation. For organizing Tut Glyphs arranging folders in a pyramidal structure is most effective; in this way you can use thousands of Tut Glyphs in your messages in seconds. You can also lock it down or simply switch to traditional way of typing if you feel like.


The app comes with some unique features. The Tut Glyphs are used for picking phrases, words, emoji and stickers, whereas the Plus button adds images to your conversations directly from your personal folder or download folder within seconds. For better organization you can create folders by simply dragging any key over another. You can also rename it, delete it or move it as per your requirement. The Tut Pyramid is a 3 touch tool which enables you to access words, emoji, photos and stickers through three simple touches. With the arrow button on Tut, users can send messages or read messages in the email, text or messaging applications. Adding more cool photos, sticker packs and phrases is also possible through the in-app store.


Technical specifications

The current version of this application is 6.3, which was released on May 26, 2015. The app comes with interactive elements and requires Android 4.0 and higher versions to run smoothly. There are thousands of in app products that you can purchase for less than INR 62 per item. The total application takes 9.2MB space in the memory chip of the mobile device.


This texting application is highly effective and the latest version comes with even more advanced features like cool keyboard touch sounds and an enhanced user interface. The total application takes only 30 seconds of time to download along with all its goodies. The app makes messaging and communicating with friends even more fun and enables you to express yourself in your own style.


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