QuartzCode: Where coding and animation meet

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While coding, no one would have imagined that it would be possible to convert animations and vector drawings into objective C code. However, with the use of the new Mac OS X 10.9 or higher and the app QuartzCode, this has been implemented in reality. Designers no longer have to rack their brains with trying to learn how to write code with the graphical user interface of this app.


This app allows you to essentially create and draw basic animations and key frame animations using a graphical user interface. This interface also had a drag and drop timeline to give you a big picture. These animations are then exported into Objective C or Swift, allowing you to incorporate them into any iOS app or OS X app. This idea comes as a boon for those who are good at design but feel that coding is not their cup of tea. Now, they too can supply direct code to programmers and work with them.

Working with this app is extremely simple, thanks to the user interface developed. It will help you with all your design needs. The inspector panel of this app is very easy to work with. The process of drawing shapes, especially arcs, has been simplified so that it does not consume time. The properties of the shapes have been named such that just anyone can relate to them without any prior knowledge of coding.


The unified timeline panel is superbly simple to work with. It shows animations from all the layers, as opposed to a single layer at a time. This enables you to get a big picture and manage your animations better. If you wish to change the duration of an animation, you have to only change it in the main timeline. You no longer have to sync all your timelines to the exact same time duration. We all know how painful and annoying that can be. There is a display preview of certain select properties such as gradient, fill colour, hidden, and opacity. The support for masking in this app is brilliant.

The drag and drop feature of this app is really useful. It makes animations so much simpler and easier to handle. Not only does this tool work well with animations but is also very handy for creating vector drawings and raster images. The code conversion is done in real time. Once you finish the animations, exporting it to code is a simple process too.

As most of us have learnt from experience, coders and animators rarely speak the same language. Coders are rarely animators and vice versa. While there are tools for coders and tools for animators, there is no tool that helps them play the roles of one another. This app not only gives excellent tools for animators but also helps them convert these into codes, without them requiring the slightest knowledge about coding. These codes are easy to integrate with apps, enabling them to work with app developers to build apps that are not only functional but also score well in terms of aesthetics and ease of use.

Good: Easy to use, unified timeline

Bad: None

Worth Having app – Download the Mac App

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