ChuckTheSheep: A challenging Physics-based game

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If you are an ardent gamer and has been through a phase of addiction to Angry Birds and Cut-The-Rope, then iOS app developers Intelligent Apps, LLC are here to start another era of addiction for you. Their latest app ChuckTheSheep, is not only challenging but entertaining too. It comes with a promise to both delight and challenge gamers with a perfect combination of beautiful graphics and brain racking levels.


This game not only requires skill and application of the mind but also involves the usage of simple physics. These, coupled with the cool sounds for each event and the superb effects upon chucking the sheep, add a tinge of fun indeed. The physics game engine is highly professional and the animations are beautifully done. This game is for people of all ages and types, and comes with a guarantee of addiction. Each level has been designed differently to keep your interest levels up and going.


The hero if this game is ChucktheSheep, a farm animal who has the responsibility of saving his dear friend ‘The Penguin’ and freeing him by releasing him from his cage. The developers have kept the app concept simple by avoiding any complicated tools. Chuck is armed with an understanding of physics, a strong will to save his friends and a log of wood. With these, he sets out on a journey strewn with a variety of challenging yet exciting obstacles.

This game is centredaround chucking the sheep for action, adventure, fun and high scores. Simple physics has been applied in the form of a fulcrum pivoted at a point. You begin with sliding the fulcrum to the right point. On one end is Chuck the Sheep and on the other end is a swinging weight. You have to drop the weight on the lever and see the Sheep go flying into the air. Watch your sheep flu into cages holding the penguins captive against their will.

The requirements of this app are pretty simple. All you need is an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone with iOS 6.0 or higher and 67.7 MB of free memory space on your device. ChuckTheSheep has been optimised for the iPhone 5. Currently, the app is available only in English. It can be downloaded from the App Store for $1.99.


The user interface has been kept simple and eliminates any unnecessary clutter. It falls in the lines of simplicity and minimalistic graphics with an excellent physics engine implementation. Once you get started on the game, putting down your device will be a challenge indeed. Each level brings new obstacles and a different arrangement of these obstacles. No two levels are alike, each one more challenging than the previous one. If you would like to get your kid started with the law of physics, this game would be a good choice. It also has an easy mode to help them get started. This app is an excellent example of how learning can be made both fun and entertaining at the same time.

Good: Excellent implementation of the physics engine

Bad: None

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