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General knowledge has no alternative and when it is about the geography of the world, the curiosity is added. GeographiQ is the new geography quiz game on Play store and it has already started winning hearts. It’s a map based game where you get ample knowledge on different places of the world. It’s a collaboration of 50 games with ample opportunities to learn.


GeographiQ presented by AppForMore AB, comes with in-app purchases. So if you want to learn more, you shall be ready to spend a bit. The game requires you clicking on a location of the map that is highlighted and you will get question with four options. You can choose to select the answer directly or choose 50/50 to get lesser choices. The 50/50 button will discard two incorrect options and you will be left with two options. Check your knowledge with the game and even if you are not right in your attempt, you will know the right one.


The game can be played for African countries, USA and cities of Asia and more. The first step will be to choose a specific country and then choose the cities that are available. Once you are done with playing for all the parts of the continent you have chosen, you will be shown a map where red areas will mark the parts you have given wrong answer for and green areas will mark the right ones. So you are getting it summed up in the map.

The app will let you test your skills on the maps of the countries. The game has maps of all the countries and thus provides you the option to test your skills on the same. The game is appropriate for students and for those who want to improve knowledge on geography.


The game is available on play store and can be downloaded to compatible devices. The version 1.1 of the game takes around 28 MB space on your device. It requires android 4.0 or later and comes with in-app purchases. You can check the compatibility of your device before you download the game.

Good: The way the game summarizes your knowledge about one continent is really amazing. You just need to check the map for green and red parts and you will know how much you have answered correctly.

Bad: There is nothing wrong reported about the game yet.

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