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As a parent, we have all had difficulty trying to teach our children the alphabet. While rhymes and games come easy to them, this is not the case with the alphabet. We all know that there is a need for a new innovative way to teach them this. After all, it is the most basic and important part of their education hence. ABC Galaxy: English Alphabet Learning Games for Kids, an iOS app developed by Studycat Limited, brings the perfect solution for parents to teach the alphabet to their growing kids.


With this app, the alphabet and phonics is made both fun and easy. Your kids will learn to enjoy them. The concept is to teach your child word recognition, letter sounds, and letters while they navigate through outer space, dodging lots and lots of obstacles. The challenge will keep them going while the learning process will continue on seamlessly.


There are so many levels of fun and learning that your kid will not get bored of this game easily. There are 42 single player games, each one unique and posing a different challenge, Also, there are 16 two-player levels to ensure that your child had some interactive fun. The requirements are lessons for life- listening, recognition, concentration, problem-solving and co-ordination. The earlier they are learnt, the more successful your child will be in life. On the fun side of things, kids are required to launch, fling, throw and also smash their path through each and every planet present in the ABC Galaxy. More speed only amounts to higher scores in the form of more stars.

Individual rounds take sets of letters and makes sure that your child is well-versed with them. To adapt to their levels, the game gets easier or harder based on how well they are coping with it. The two-player games require both opponents to sit at opposite ends of device and play against one another. The person who shoots more and earns more points in the time limit is the winner.


There is a lot your child can learn using this app. This includes the complete English alphabet from A to Z, including upper case as well as lower case letters. In addition to just this, there are 250 frequently used words and phrases that can be learnt. Spelling, pronunciation, reading and phonics are also touched upon. The free version of the game includes letters from A to F, 10 single player levels, 4 two player levels and 42 words with illustrations. The full version is available as an in app purchase for $4.99.

The best part of this app is that the game has been designed especially for kids. They will not have any problems with it. The controls are a tad bit hard to master and might take a short while for kids. It is a fun game for children to step into the world of English and learn the alphabet. Nothing fascinates kids more than challenging simple games. Combining the two is another whole new level of fun and learning indeed.

Good: Easy to use for kids

Bad: None

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