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“Man is a social animal”. We all like communicating with one another- be it text or messages or talking or through gestures. However, with the advent of the internet and smartphones, we are all becoming more active online than offline. The basic need is for us to communicate with people around us, especially with those in our vicinity. Most people are shy to talk to those in their vicinity. This is where the iOS app AirTalk will come to your rescue.


Developed by OFF Line, AirTalk helps you communicate with anyone within a 100m radius. It gives you a new, fun way to communicate. The concept is something like a shout out from your phone to all those around you. Unlike other apps in its niche, this one brings about an interesting innovation. You do not require an active internet or a cellular connection for this app to work. You merely have to turn on your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The app needs iOS 7.0 or higher and is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. It has been optimized for the iPhone 5 and requires 11.5 MB of memory space on your device. The idea of this app is to provide communication based on location and not on mutual friends or interests. This can come in handy for sales, information or business settings to a large extent.

You can use this app at any time to communicate with anyone. Imagine being in a movie theatre or a live match alone and getting bored. Using this app, you can make new friends on the spot or simply share your thoughts and feelings with those around you. You can find people who share the same mind-set as you at events or unique places. You no longer have to feel left out when you’re alone.

Once you get started with the app, you will realise how easy it is to use. You can receive and send messages to anyone within a 100 metres radius via this app. Make the best of your limited plan and of your Bluetooth while you’re in a remote area without connectivity or while travelling or in a place with jammers. You can build your profile for others to know more about you through the app too.

Another amazing featureoffered by this app is integration with the Twitter app. Thismeans that you can send messages to everyone who follows you on Twitter and also share the same messages with people around you. No extra effort required to do both at the same time. While this app helps you connect with those around you, prolonged usage of this app can drain out your phone’s battery as it uses Bluetooth and GPS.

The user interface has been kept simple, neat and minimal. At the same time, it serves its purpose very well. Connecting with those around you has been made so much simpler with the use of this app. You can easily find people who think like you in your vicinity.

Good: Does not require an active internet connection

Bad: Drains out phone battery

Worth Having App – Download the app

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