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It is always a wish for any person to get the privacy he/she needs, especially when it comes personal and confidential messages. If anyone goes through your phone and in the event reads all the messages, it won’t be good and it may cause chaos. One of the ways to keep your phone’s important details is to have the Privy top secret application installed on your iPhone. The application is one of the best tools that enables you to encrypt all your messages. You can store your messages safely in an email, SMS, chats etc. The Privy top secret application also enables you to instantly send the messages in encrypted form with a lot of privacy without any servers to interfere.The following are some of the features that Privy top secret has and are very beneficial in terms of restoring privacy of personal and confidential messages.


1.Ability to adjust the encryption yourself.

It is very important to have an application that allows you to be the only person who can ,make any necessary adjustment on the encryption. You will find that other privacy restoring applications can allow other fellows to interfere with your own encryption. This is because they don’t have any important properties that Privy top secret has to restore the privacy of your encryption. By doing this, it will ensure that all the messages that are encrypted are secure and private for your own personal use and reference.

  1. Offline encodement of Messages.

In addition to encrypting your messages, Privy top secret encodes them offline. This will allow the messages to be more securely encrypted, which will do you much benefit. Offline encodement of messages is also good in that there are no servers who can meddle with your messages. This will all be possible right on your device when you use Privy top secret effectively.


  1. Creating your own custom. 

When it comes to the highest security on your encrypted messages, Privy top secret allows you to create your own custom. You will be able to create the best type of custom-encrypted messages depending on your tastes and preferences. However, it allows you to create any kind of custom-encrypted messages to have the best appearance and look in your device. With this important feature, you will end up with positive results in terms of security matters of your messages.

  1. End to end encryption.

This feature enables you to be the only person to have an access to your messages. When it does this, no one can set an eye on your messages unless you allow the access. You will be required to create a personal known password which you will be using it to access the messages. This is one of the simplest ways to keep your messages private and secure.

These are some of the features of Privy top secret that are important for you to keep your messages safe and private. This also restores your personal privacy as there is no access to your personal details which might be erased by individuals who don’t care. Make an attempt of downloading this application to your iPhone device so that you don’t miss out the important and beneficial features it can deliver to your messages.

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