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Safety and security is a prime issue as technology gets better and hackers get even better at what they do. Saving our data, especially our photos and music is of importance to all of us. The cloud storage solves this issue but then again, it does not guarantee safety. If you’re looking for a solution that gives you assurance and security, then the app YoVivo is perfect for you. This is an app solely dedicated to photos and everything related to them.


The best part about YoVivo is that it is built on top of the most popular social networks and clouds. This means you do not have to put in any extra effort to add photos or organize them anymore. You can pull out images from just any of these sources and use them to make random slideshows or themed ones. You can also create video slideshows and share them easily on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media. This app adds security to your cloud by allowing you to encrypt images and store it in your cloud storage.


This app is not just another photo app. It gives you the freedom to browse, upload or download anything while you’re on the go. Another awesome feature is that you can share a photo on all your social networks at the same time at one go. This app acts as the common ground between all your clouds and all your photos and you. You no longer have to hunt in several places for a given photo.

YoVivo empowers you by allowing you to store photos n any place you like. You no longer have to stick to a single cloud or conform to a storage limit. Organizing your photos, accessing it through this app and managing them are now easier than ever. You can make the most of your photos by rediscovering special moments, creating slideshows and about them, adding your favourite music with the right lyrics to savour the moments and then sharing the memories with everyone you know. There is no better way to celebrate than to share after all. Sharing has been made easy too by bringing all your apps in one place and allowing you to share to the ones you wish directly from this app.


With the security aspect of your cloud storage taken care of, this app leaves you at complete peace of mind with regard to your photos. By offering encryption of photos, you no longer have to worry about your cloud account bring hacked by anyone. The app developers are also working on the YoVivo Drive, a cloud storage of their own which syncs wirelessly with all your mobile and desktop drives. All your cloud storage requirements are covered by this one.

If you are worried and paranoid about your data and have nightmares about losing it all, then this app is your medicine. It will take care of all your worries and let you rest in peace. With a easy to use interface, security features, cloud storage, integration with other apps and much more, this app is here to take care of all your photo problems.

Good: Encryption of photos

Bad: None

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