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We all know that taking those first steps in learning math are the toughest of the lot. While some may take no time, a few others may take a good while. If you have a kid who is just getting started with math, why hurry him up? Wouldn’t it be a lot better to take off pressure from his shoulders and let him learn at his own pace? Math Panda, an educational Android app, allows people to practice their math skills on their tablet or Android smartphone at their own pace.


Just anyone can use this app to better their math skills. Children and parents can choose the app interface by selecting the font, the numbers to be included in the questions and the type of questions that are to be asked (which include subtraction, addition, algebra, division, etc.). Another useful feature to teach kids is that children can input answers in their own handwriting. Of course, the option of entering them as in a calculator is always available. The simplicity and versatility of this app make it a great option for those who are willing to learn maths.


To get started, you can download the app from the Play store or from the Amazon App Store for free. After doing this and installing the app, you are good to go. You will first be greeted with the main menu. The menu has a couple of icons, each handling one feature. If still in doubt, there is a question mark. Upon hitting this question mark, you will be given an overview of the menu and how to use it. You can select the options in terms of types of questions and input and more. Thanks to the many input options, kids of all ages can use this app with ease.


The app has an intuitive interface, making it easy to use for people of all ages and skill levels. There are many fun fonts that children will appreciate and enjoy reading. Parents can pick the difficulty level according to the progress being made by their kids. Making your own challenges for your kids is extremely easy and takes neither time nor effort. The app has a lot of features that make it appealing for kids and parents both.

The app is efficient and is not sluggish at any point of time. The answers are output in no time so that your kid doesn’t lose patience meanwhile. The menu has been confined to a single screen, which makes it a bit cramped on certain smartphones. Nonetheless, it is easy to use and allows picking options of your choice. The app is not restricted to mere addition and subtraction- it also includes multiplication and some algebra. Kids can get handwriting practice too with the handwriting input option. The app difficulty can be increased as your child grows. It requires Android 2.3 or later versions and 2.8 MB of free space on your device. There are many in-app purchases that cost about $3 per item. This app is perfect if you wish to improve the math skills of your child without putting undue pressure on him.

Good: Options to choose font, types of questions and input method

Bad: The main menu screen is a bit cramped on certain smartphones.

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