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Denying the importance of keeping yourself updated with the news is pure folly. Even though we know how important it is, have you ever felt bored reading news stories alone? If yes, you should try out the iOS app Engage. This is a one of its kind app that keeps you updated with the latest news stories and articles, while also allowing you to interact with the other users of the apps in the form of opinions or comments on articles or other people’s comments. As the name suggests, it provides a truly engaging experience for readers.


This app has two major roles- a news app and an engaging app. As a news app, it provides you with the latest news articles and stories from a variety of trustworthy sources such as The Drudge Report and NPR News. More sources are continually being added. Stories have been divided into 13 different categories including Public, Entertainment, Science, Business, National, Technology and more. There is a menu on the left to help you switch from one category to another. In case a story interests you but you are unable to read it at the moment, you can Bookmark it for later reading.


The second aspect of the app is the interaction one. It is what makes this app stand out among the many others in its niche. This is where you discuss news stories and share your personal opinions with others. You can share your opinions in an open forum for all users to read and comment about. No comments are censored whatsoever and cannot be edited. Everything is out in the open for everyone to access. If you are worried about your privacy, you may post anonymously as well. This way, others will not be able to access your profile through your comments.


To add spice to the reading experience, Engage allows you to connect with other readers in real time. If you are reading a story, the app shows you the current locations of other users reading it or posting comments on it. Locations of other users are shown on a map page for better visualisation. This way, you can know what is happening in real time. If you find any comments interesting, you could chat one to one with a reader as well via the Messages feature. You are never alone while reading news!

Developed by M.I.R. Publishing LLC, Engage Apps is the news app of the current times. It can be downloaded from the App Store for free. The app is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone, requiring iOS 7.0 or later. In addition, it requires 23.8 MB of memory space on your device. With an easy to use and intuitive user interface, this app makes reading news articles so much more fun and interactive. You can always save articles for later reading and know what others think about a news article. It implements real time user interaction in a very effective way, allowing users to post in an uncensored open forum.

Good: Bookmarks, Map Page

Bad: None

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