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Wineosphere app is wine review app incredibly well designed for iPhone. The app focuses on reviewing New Zealand and Australian wines that most people have taken. The app helps wine fanatics to know the best and new wines to try. One downloads this app from iTunes App Store for free and only at least 17 years old person is required to download the application. It requires iOS 7.0 or later. It is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.


The app features fully independent wine reviews by different people who have already tasted these wines. The app avails over 25000 reviews for instant download. Other useful information on different types of wines like Kiwi and Aussie wines are also provided. The information given is very detailed as one finds not only reviews but also prices, vintage, points, the wine’s availability, comparisons, and description of the different wine’s tastes. Furthermore, the direction on where one can buy the wines is also given and one accesses this using the predictable search function feature on the app. This may also be used to explore local restaurants, bars, wineries and accommodation after having fun.

The app has a button where one taps for a quick wine price check. The app has a digital newspaper which updates on the recent added news on different wines worldwide. There are also top picks by variety, food, and the region provided in the news.

The app also features a “wineogram” this is a social network which connects all wine fans worldwide. It makes one social by sharing their latest finds on wines. One needs to follow other Wineosphere users and give their own reviews on wines.


It has a library that gives much knowledge on wines. The app also features an option to ask for advice on most recommended wines in the reviews. In the process, one gets to learn on the best wines for their menus. The app features an option of making wine orders. This is enabled in conjunction with the wine shops. Wine shops that have enabled their customers making orders using this app have many loyalties. Among others, United Cellars, Winestar and Kemenys are famous shops known in Australia to be retail partners of this app.

One is able to distinguish the best sold wines in their local pubs using this app. This is due to its ability to scan bar codes whereby one scans the bar codes on wine bottles using this app then follows expert reviews given on the scanned bottle. Its user interface is well designed with navigation and controls that intuit. It is very stable and responsive.

The app also allows customization where one is able to customize “My Wine” for easy access to their collection from interests, bookmarks and top listed ones.


Wineosphere app has made many people well versed with wine knowledge. Try this if you are yet to. Make new friends through Wineogram, get to know much about the wines you drink, explore new wine shops, and also find out the latest wine in the market and their prices through this app.

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