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Are you into action and adventure sports? Do you wish to connect with others sharing this hobby or take your first steps into entering the arena? If yes, you have to check out the iOS app ‘Shrick’. What Facebook is to social networks is what Shrick is to action sports. Extreme sports like biking, mountain climbing, inline skating, surfing, BMX and skateboarding are its area of expertise.


Shrick is essentially a photo sharing app that aims to connect lovers of extreme sports. If you do not have the courage or time to try them out, you can follow and feel them through this app at least. At first, it might seem like Instagram. Do not be deceived! There is so much more to this app than just photo sharing. It is an excellent social network that will help you connect to people who share your passion.


The name of the app is derived from a combination of the two words- Share and Trick. You share videos, photos, posts and more on the app. also, you follow others and get followed by them. The pictures are of people going extreme in terms of sports. There is a like option if you wish to like other people’s photos too. You can add filters and even add slow motion to your videos. All this is the standard stuff that most apps today offer.

Shrick comes with one unique feature that sets it apart. This one feature is the leader boards that the app provides. Just think about that- a social network with the concept of gamification! Sounds exciting right? These leader boards can be filtered as per country, city and state and even globally. Points or scores are based on the number of shares or likes that your post has got. These are then compared with your friends and also with all users of the app worldwide. This feature pushes and encourages you to go more extreme and try out new things every day.


The idea of the app is fantastic. The basic concept is to get together like minded people and form a community. To share the best extreme sports in an area and support others even if you cannot be physically present with them. The app however loses out in terms of the user interface. There are too many text styles and too many buttons. The app looks the same throughout and is not very user friendly. If only the developers had added a more user friendly touch and cleaned up the interface a bit, this app would be the go to app for all extreme sports lovers.

Good: Leader board

Bad: Interface is not user friendly

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