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Social media has become a fad now, despite the threat to security and privacy posed by the Snowden scandal. These media are not particularly strong in terms of security. Apps that destroy media after a certain amount of time have a careful ecosystem inbuilt that allows them to do so. You cannot take this media and post it on Facebook or Twitter with a self-destruct timer. iOS app developers AnchorFreeGmBH have developed a solution that gives you the best of both worlds. Kaboom, the latest app developed by them allows users to share messages to social media with a self-destruct timer.


The aim of this app is not to create another social networking app. It is to integrate with the existing ones and provide better control to users over the information they share. Users need to be aware of the vulnerability of their data on social networks. This app is here to help them handle that. Kaboom gives users the power to make the information they post disappear whenever they like. This helps them be more easy-going and open while sharing content online.


Working with the app is pretty simple in fact. You log in to the app sing your mobile number. Any messages that you wish to share securely must be composed in this app. Once that is done, you can post them securely to any platform you desire. Information is posted as Kaboom links that can be viewed by just anyone. While posting, you set the time limit or number of views before the data self-destructs. Once this limit expires, data is deleted from the Kaboom servers and the platform for ever. No traces left behind whatsoever.


There are many countries eve today that practically monitor the activity of their citizens over the internet. Leaving a recordable trail in such cases can be a tad bit dangerous. There are other people who do not like social networks keeping a record of their chats and posts forever. If you are one among these, then Kaboom is the right app for you. It is currently available for free in the App Store. The only requirements are an iOS device having iOS 6.0 or higher and 27.4 MB of memory space. With this, you can be rest assured about the privacy and safety of your data on social networks and messaging apps.

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