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Want to catch up with friends? The usual meeting over coffee or lunch or calling them over the phone, commenting on Facebook or going for a movie is too boring. If you are a gaming person, you will know the value that gaming has in your life. So here’s an idea- Challenge your friends to a quick game. If you or your friends don’t have time for lengthy strategic games, take 30 seconds out for a challenge. This is a way to connect with your friends and have fun too. If you’re up for the idea, you have to try out GAMEin30, an iOS app that needs 30 seconds of your time to help you connect with friends.


The concept of the app is quite simple. After a long time of losing touch, we’re all stuck with awkward moments. To cut this out, all this app needs is 30 seconds of your time. it provides a platform where you are kept entertained and engaged for sessions of 30 seconds each, if you enjoy it and have more time to spare, you can continue and take up another one. No awkward silences or the boring catching up phases. Just get together and play to your heart’s delight!


Sounds fun right? Here’s something better- getting the app working is a cake walk. All you have to do is visit the App Store, download the app and then install it. Once you have it up and running, you are required to enter your phone number, verify it and that’s all. With this, you are ready to get started. Although the number of games offered by the app isn’t too many, it is still enough to challenge your skills as a gamer. The app can be downloaded for Free from the App store, requiring 39.3 MB free memory space and iOS 7.0. It is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. It has been optimised for the iPhone 5 only.


The whole idea of the game is to etch special moments with friends in your memory in the form of games. Once you are done with the gaming sessions with a friend, you can share your scores with everyone. If the game catches your fancy, then feel free to invite other contacts to try it out. The game can be played online, in turns or in a synchronized manner, depending on the game chosen.

GAMEin30 is a fun app that acts as a social network to connect you with friends, using short games as a medium. It is more than just a playground. The messaging feature allows you to keep in touch, while connecting through games. These games are updated in real time to add to the fun and excitement. This app is for those who like taking up challenges against friends or family. It also has an inbuilt sticker market that helps express emotions and feelings in no time. Everything from happiness to frustration to sadness is covered. The idea of playing 30 second games is both cool and innovative, while also being suited with the busy lifestyle today.

Good: Messaging, 30 second games

Bad: None

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