Casino Over Under- A highly addictive casino game

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There are some card games that are like a hurricane. Once you are caught in it, there is no escape. One such game is ‘Casino Over Under’. This iOS app is a simple addictive card game that will draw you in and not let go. It won’t be long before you would have played a good number of hands without realising when time flew by. Developed by Casino Over Under, LLC, this one is sure to keep you engaged for hours on end.


Once you get started with the game, you’ll be greeted with a short tutorial. To be honest, the game doesn’t really need one as such. There are two simple rules, which can be guessed from the name of the game itself. The ‘over’ in the name refers to a value of cards greater than 23 while the ‘under’ refers to a value less than 18. This is all you need to know in order to play the game. The game does not specify the limits for ‘over’ or ‘under’ during the game. Players are expected to remember them. It would be nice to have an option to quickly bring up these values when needed.


The gameplay is pretty simple. You get started out with 1000 chips worth $1000. You decide how much you want to bet and if you would like to place a ‘bonus’ bet. Following that, you pick either ‘over’ or ‘under’. If you do not get what you predict, you lose the bet. That’s all there is to the game. Extremely simple yet highly addictive.The simplicity is what keeps you going in fact.


If the low stakes seem boring, there is one way to get it interesting. Wait until you have won the minimum amount needed for higher stakes tables, wait for timer to run down and make 500 chips available to you or buy the number of chips you need. There are in-app purchases to buy chips, ranging from $0.99 for 5000 chips to $6.99 for 500000 chips. The choice is yours.

The graphics and design of the game are as simple as the concept. There are no card animations. The only animation is the turning over of a card when it is shown. The background is anything but flashy. The cards don’t have any designs to go with the simplicity theme. A simple green background keeps all distractions away. The options and buttons are minimal and effective. The color combinations and fonts have been carefully chosen indeed, keeping the readability at its best. While there are a few ads at the bottom of the app screen, then do not interfere with the game. All the information you need about your current game is presented clearly to you. You do not have to navigate or look for it.

Casino Over Under can be downloaded for free from the App Store. It is compatible with the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. All you need is iOS 7.0 or higher. If you are looking for casino games to kill your time and have some fun, this one is totally worth it. It is easy to play but very hard to put away.

Good: Simple yet addictive

Bad: None

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